SCSI Fast-20 Single-ended Receiver Threshold comments

Paul D. Aloisi 603-429-8687 aloisi at
Fri May 27 04:49:41 PDT 1994

Fast-20 Single ended Silicon designers,

Bill Ham has been presenting information since January that shows
the receiver thresholds are marginal a 1.5 meters. The request to
go to 3 meter specification for Fast-20 makes the change to the
thresholds a requirement to kept the number of devices and the

This is a minor change in silicon, but will had a lot of margin
to fast-20. This is a major step to making fast-20 a reliable
interface standard.  

No changes in limiting number of devices, device capacitance, 
cable length or increasing driver current will help as much as 
changing the thresholds.

Please come to the June 2nd meeting with an open mind ready to
review the issue. It will make a major difference in the
reliability and restrictions that will be required for Fast-20
single-ended SCSI.

Thank you,
Paul Aloisi

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