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Thu May 26 12:51:16 PDT 1994

     To: John Lohmyer
     Re: pcmcia reflector information
     Fr: Joseph Chen, Cirrus Logic (chen at
     Hi John,
     Here is the information you may need for the pcmcia reflector.  If you 
     have any question, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.
     To subscribe the reflector, you can send email to listserv at 
     and include the text:
     subscribe pcmcia-gen [your email address]
     Joe Chen

This is the general pcmcia reflector. It is used to send mail to your 
associates on the pcmcia committee.
In order to send mail to everybody on the reflector, send your message to 
'pcmcia-gen at'. If you need help using the reflector send
a message with help in the main body (yes just help, nothing else) 
to 'listserv at'.
If you have other issues with the reflector you can send them to 
'bryan at'.
Other reflectors available for pcmcia use:
pcmcia-bod at  :board of directors reflector 
pcmcia-ccb at  :change control board reflector 
pcmcia-gen at  :general pcmcia reflector - open
The pcmcia-bod and pcmcia-ccb reflectors are both closed lists open 
only to members of those groups. If you would like to send a message 
to members of those groups send mail to that group and all members 
of that reflector will receive the message.
Please remember that messages sent to pcmcia-gen will go to all 
members of the pcmcia-gen reflector (probably on the order of 500 
people), so keep your message concise and relevant to that group 
whenever possible.
Thankyou for your considerate use of this reflector.
Happy computing.

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