X3T10 Minutes May 19, 1994

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Wed May 25 11:14:20 PDT 1994

Accredited Standards Committee
X3, Information Processing Systems
                                        Doc. No.:  X3T10/94-123r0
                                            Date:  May 25, 1994
                                       Ref. Doc.:  
                                        Reply to:  John Lohmeyer

To:         Membership of X3T10

From:       Ralph Weber, Acting Secretary X3T10
            John Lohmeyer, Acting Chair X3T10

Subject:    Minutes of X3T10 Plenary Meeting #3
            Harrisburg, PA -- May 19-20, 1994


1.    Opening Remarks

2.    Approval of Agenda

3.    Attendance and Membership

4.    Approval of Minutes - March Meeting Newport Beach, CA (X3T10/94-

5.    Document Distribution

6.    Call for Patents

7.    Review of Old Action Items

8.    Subgroup and/or Project Status Reports
   8.1   Project Status Summary [Lohmeyer]
   8.2   X3T10.1 Task Group Report {SSA-PH: Project 989-D} [Scheible]
   8.3   SCSI-2 Status {Project 375-M} [Lamers]
   8.4   SCSI Common Access Method (CAM) {Project 792-D} [Dallas]
   8.5   AT Attachment (ATA) Status {Project 791-D} [Lamers]
   8.6   ATA Extensions (ATA-2) Status {Project 948-D} [Finch]
   8.7   SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM) Status {Project 994-D} [Monia]
   8.8   SCSI-3 Parallel Interface (SPI) Status {Project 855-D} [Lamers]
   8.9   SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (SIP) Status {Project 856-D} [Lamers]
   8.10  SCSI-3 Generic Packetized Protocol (GPP) Status {Project 991-D}
   8.11  SCSI-3 Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) Status {Project 992-D} [Marazas]
   8.12  SCSI-3 Fiber Channel Protocol (FCP) Status {Project 993-D}
   8.13  SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) Status {Project 995-D} [Weber]
   8.14  SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC) Status {Project 996-D} [open]
   8.15  SCSI-3 Stream Commands (SSC) Status {Project 997-D} [Lappin]
   8.16  SCSI-3 Graphics Commands (SGC) Status {Project 998-D} [open]
   8.17  SCSI-3 Medium Changer Commands (SMC) Status {Project 999-D}
   8.18  Directly-Addressable Device Interface (DADI) Status {Project 964-
         D} [open]
   8.19  SCSI Common Access Method -2 (CAM-2) Status {Project 990-D}
   8.20  SCSI-3 Serial Storage Protocol (SSP) Status {Project 1051-D}
   8.21  SCSI-3 Controller Commands (SCC) Status {Project 1047-D}
   8.22  Multimedia Command Set (MMC) Status {Project 1048-D} [Harris]
   8.23  Replacement of ANSI X3.80-1988, Interfaces Between Flexible Disk
         Cartridges and Their Host Controllers, with ISO 9315:1989.
         {Project 52-M}
   8.24  Fast-20 Study Group [Ham]

9.    Old Business
   9.1   Technical Information Bulletins
   9.2   Revised GPP Project Proposal (94-099r0) [Milligan]
   9.3   ASC Codes for Scanner Window Descriptor Bytes Proposal (93-036r2)

10.   New Business
   10.1  Review of new documents
   10.2  SAM Letter Ballot Results
   10.3  SBP Letter Ballot Results
   10.4  ATA-3 Project Proposals Letter Ballot Results
   10.5  Fast-20 Project Proposal Letter Ballot Results
   10.6  Payment Authorization of Technical Editing Invoice
   10.7  Approval of ANSI Editing Changes to SCSI-2
   10.8  16.6 MB/sec Transfers in ATA-2 (94-045r3) [Finch]
   10.9  ACA Bit in Control Byte Equals 1 Mandatory [Penokie]
   10.10    Processor Commands in the SPC (94-018r0) [Weber]
   10.11    Checking of Reserved Fields

11.   ISO [Milligan]
   11.1  Recommendation for new DIS procedures
   11.2  Alternative ISO process [Allan]

12.   Liaison Reports
   12.1  X3T11 Liaison Report [Cummings]
   12.2  SFF Industry Group [Allan]
   12.3  IEEE P1394 [Marazas]
   12.4  IT8 [Lohmeyer]
   12.5  IEEE P1285 Status [Pak]
   12.6  PCMCIA Report [McLean]
   12.7  AIIM C21 [Podio]

13.   Review of Action Items

14.   Meeting Schedule
   14.1  Authorization of Working Group Meetings

15.   Adjournment


                              Results of Meeting

1.    Opening Remarks

John Lohmeyer, the Acting Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.,
Thursday May 19, 1994.  He thanked Chuck Brill of AMP, Inc. for arranging and
hosting the meeting.

John said that X3 Subgroup Membership forms and the X3T10 Mailing
Subscription form were available on the document table.  He said that people
should use the X3 forms to insure the X3 Secretariat has the latest
membership information.  The X3 Membership forms were recently revised. 
These forms should be mailed directly to the X3 Secretariat.

As is customary, the people attending introduced themselves and a copy of the
attendance list was circulated.  Copies of the draft agenda and general
information on X3T10 were made available to those attending.

2.    Approval of Agenda

The draft agenda was approved with the following additions:

   10.8  16.6 MB/sec Transfers in ATA-2 (94-045r3) [Finch]
   10.9  ACA Bit in Control Byte Equals 1 Mandatory [Penokie]
   10.10    Processor Commands in the SPC (94-018r0) [Weber]
   10.11    Checking of Reserved Fields

3.    Attendance and Membership

The membership requirements were reviewed.  X3 rules permit one vote per
organization.  An individual from a new organization must attend two out of
three consecutive plenary meetings.  He/she may apply for voting membership
the second meeting via a letter to the Chair of X3T10.  The individual may
vote at the second plenary meeting.  Working group meetings do not count
toward attendance requirements.

Organizations must also pay the X3 Service Fee ($300) to maintain membership. 
This year, the International Participation fee ($300) will be billed
separately directly from ANSI.  Payments must be received by April 8, 1994
or the membership will be dropped and the organization will not be permitted
to vote or receive mailings.  One voting organization, Harting Electronik,
Inc., was dropped for non-payment since the last meeting.

QLogic Corp. joined the committee with Skip Jones as principal and Ting Le
Chan as alternate.

The X3T10 membership remains at 60 organizations.  Enclosure (1) is the list
of the people present at the meeting and enclosure (2) is the current X3T10
membership list.

4.    Approval of Minutes - March Meeting Newport Beach, CA (X3T10/94-074r0)

The minutes were approved as written.

5.    Document Distribution

Members who have any problems with their mailing subscription should deal
directly with Katrina Gray or Dan Arnold at (202) 626-5741.

Larry Lamers requested that all documents for the next mailing must be sent
so as to be received by noon on Thursday, June 2, 1994.  Documents received
after this date will go into a subsequent mailing.

Larry Lamers reminded the committee of the requirements for document
submission to be included in the committee mailing.  Since X3T10 meets its
document archiving requirements by including the X3 Secretariat on the
mailing list, documents included in the mailing must be suitable for
microfilming.  This means that high-quality, single-sided originals with
adequate margins and proper identification must be submitted.  Document
X3T9.2/92-84 R1 contains the list of requirements for submissions.

As usual, minutes are also available on the SCSI BBS (719-574-0424) and will
be distributed to the SCSI Reflector E-mail list.  To be added to the SCSI
Reflector, send an electronic message to: scsi-request at WichitaKS.NCR.COM.

The current document register is enclosure (3).

6.    Call for Patents

This is a regular agenda item to identify any potential patent issues with
developing standards.

A document is available from ANSI, "Procedures for the Development and
Coordination of American National Standards", at no charge.  Annex I contains
the ANSI patent policy.

7.    Review of Old Action Items

10)   John Lohmeyer will contact Lynn Barra to resurrect the LOG SENSE TIB
      (X3T9.2/90-165).  Carry over.
11)   Larry Lamers will incorporate SCAM in SPI.  Complete.
12)   John Lohmeyer will write a letter accepting the SPI public review
      comment regarding SCAM.  Complete.
13)   John Lohmeyer will inform X3 of the recommendation to reaffirm ESDI
      (ANSI X3.170-1989).  Complete.
14)   John Lohmeyer will monitor AIIM activities in C21 (ANSI/AIIM MS59-199x)
      and write the letter if necessary.  Complete--AIIM is revising their
      draft standard.
15)   Bob Snively will investigate liaison with IEEE P1244.5.  Carry over.

8.    Subgroup and/or Project Status Reports

8.1   Project Status Summary [Lohmeyer]

John Lohmeyer said that the current X3T10 project status summary was included
on the backs of the meeting agendas.  He noted that the SCC, SSP, and MMC
projects had been approved by X3.

8.2   X3T10.1 Task Group Report {SSA-PH: Project 989-D} [Scheible]

Reporting for John Scheible, Ed Gardner reported that the task group is still
looking for volunteers for officers.

An electrical interface working group has agreed to a set of tests to
characterize existing silicon, to ensure the specification and reality are
consistent.  Contact Bill Ham for information about the work.

By formal vote, X3T10.1 has accepted responsibility for the SSA/SSP standard
document.  Also, the project proposal for SSA/SSP has been approved by X3
OMC.  X3T10.1 decided to propose a project to develop a separate SCSI-2/SSA
specification, to be published as a Technical Report.  Currently, X3T10.1 is
preparing a project proposal for the document.

Two electrical interface meetings are scheduled:

      Wednesday, June 28 in the Irvine area; electrical interfaces
      Monday,  July 18, in Bedford, NH; electrical interfaces
      Tuesday, July 19, in Bedford, NH; X3T10.1 working group and plenary

8.3   SCSI-2 Status {Project 375-M} [Lamers]

Larry reported that Bob Hager, the ANSI editor, found several changes that
are required before ANSI will publish the document.  Larry informed the
meeting that a role call vote will be needed to approve the changes required
by the ANSI editor.  Agenda item 10.7 covered the work of approving the
changes required by the ANSI editor.

8.4   SCSI Common Access Method (CAM) {Project 792-D} [Dallas]

Ralph Weber reported for Bill Dallas on the CAM Working Group meeting held
Monday May 16th.  Revision 7 of CAM, which should resolve the public review
comment, will be in the mailing.

8.5   AT Attachment (ATA) Status {Project 791-D} [Lamers]

The ANSI BSR approval ballot on AT Attachment closed May 12, 1994.  John
Lohmeyer had not heard the official results, but he was confident that it had

8.6   ATA Extensions (ATA-2) Status {Project 948-D} [Finch]

The latest meeting of the ATA Working Group met May 19, 1994 from 9:00 AM to
12:30 PM, in Harrisburg, PA.

Of the documents distributed was the Proposed Working Draft for ATA-2 Rev 2c. 
A copy was provided for inclusion in the next mailing.  There are two issues
still being considered for inclusion into the proposed working draft ATA-2:

      16.6 MB/sec corrections made with unanimous approval
      This document will be present later for plenary approval for inclusion.

      Identify Drive Data Requirements:
         Pending forwarding from SFF (information for Large Disk Drives 528

A majority of the time was spent reviewing comments received on the ATA-3
project proposal votes.  A number of no votes were received with comments
that most believe should be addressed.  The working group hopes to address
these issues at the next working group meeting.

The next working group meeting will be June 1.  The first hour will
concentrate on ATA-3 Project Proposal letter ballot comments.  We are looking
for suggestions (text changes) to how to make the proposal better and to
address the issues raised by no votes.  The remainder of the meeting will be
a review of the proposed working draft ATA-2 Rev 2C.

It is the desire of the working group to move at the next plenary that the
ATA-2 proposed working document to be accepted as the official working draft
for the ATA-2 project.

8.7   SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM) Status {Project 994-D} [Monia]

Charles Monia reported that a consensus has been reached for a description
of the queuing model.  See 94-107 for details of the working group
consideration of the comments on SAM from the forwarding letter ballot.

8.8   SCSI-3 Parallel Interface (SPI) Status {Project 855-D} [Lamers]

A copy of SPI 12c was in the mailing.  That draft contains the results of a
few comments received for the SPI draft and the SCAM document, as approved
at the September Plenary.

Preparatory to a motion to revise SPI for SCAM changes, Ed Gardner described
several required corrections in the SCAM definition.  In essence, Ed was
asking for a vote to approve 93-173r0 for inclusion in the SCAM annex in SPI
plus several other recent changes.

Ed Gardner moved that Larry Lamers be instructed to review SPI according the
changes described.  Tak Asami seconded.  During the discussion, questions
were raised regarding application of the 2-week rule to this proposal.  Gene
Milligan requested a written proposal for changes, and that Ed withdraw his
motion, and that work be remanded to the working group.  Norm Harris was
concerned that the dominant master proposal be approved ASAP.

There was no consensus on anything that could be approved formally at this
meeting.  Ed withdrew his motion and the meeting continued.  Ed agreed to
prepare a proposal on revising SCAM.

Paul Aloisi noted that other topics concerning SPI are under discussion in
the working group.

8.9   SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (SIP) Status {Project 856-D} [Lamers]

Larry and John discussed whether a new editor might be appointed.  No
resolution of the matter was announced.

8.10  SCSI-3 Generic Packetized Protocol (GPP) Status {Project 991-D}

John reported on the status of the GPP and the motion to change it to
Technical Report.  John noted the presence of a project proposal under agenda
item 9.2.

8.11  SCSI-3 Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) Status {Project 992-D} [Marazas]

Responses with comments on the SBP (revision 16) letter ballot have been
received from:

   o  Giles Frazier, IBM Corporation
   o  Charles Monia, DEC
   o  Scott Smyers,  Apple Computer
   o  Jim McGrath,   Quantum Computer

Gerald Marazas has discussed these comments with each of the originating
parties above, and secured tentative resolution, mutually agreeable, on each
comment item.  There remain no known open (unresolved) technical issues being
raised against SBP.  The resolution is listed as tentative pending
examination next week by these parties of the specific text changes relative
to the SBP, revision 16, document.

The comments cited above will be documented along with proposed disposition
in a SBP resolution document.  Additionally, revision 17 of SBP will be
produced consistent with the proposed disposition.  Both the resolution
document and the SBP revision 17 document will be made available to the X3T10
secretary in time for the June mailing deadline.  Gerald Marazas will request
a meeting vote at the July X3T10 meeting for acceptance of both the proposed
disposition and the revision 17 of SBP.

8.12  SCSI-3 Fiber Channel Protocol (FCP) Status {Project 993-D} [Snively]

Bob Snively reported that FCP revision 008a is available.  Bob also
distributed 94-109r0, the document listing the comments resolution for all
review comments on FCP 008.  Bob described an April 18th meeting in which the
letter ballot comments were resolved.  Bob requested that everybody review
the FCP document with special attention to clause 6.

Bob noted two editorial problems identified in FCP 008a.  There are usages
of X3T9.2 that should be X3T10.  There is a problem with streaming list in
table 5.

Bob noted the following contentious issue.  There is a disagreement regarding
definitions of mandatory and optional with respect to requirements statements
in the SAM.

8.13  SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) Status {Project 995-D} [Weber]

Ralph reported that draft copies of the SPC have been distributed during this
meeting.  Ralph said that footnotes in the draft document indicate places
where he is looking for comments from the committee membership.

Larry ask Ralph if the document incorporates all approved committee
documents.  Larry felt that a long working group meeting should be scheduled
for a line-by-line review of the fully updated document.  Ralph felt that a
good target for such a meeting would be the July plenary week.

8.14  SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC) Status {Project 996-D} [open]

The committee still is looking for an editor for this document.  If none is
forthcoming, the project may have to be dropped.

8.15  SCSI-3 Stream Commands (SSC) Status {Project 997-D} [Lappin]

Edward Lappin reported that he is working on a revision of the READ POSITION
command.  Edward also has distributed a first draft of the SSC.

8.16  SCSI-3 Graphics Commands (SGC) Status {Project 998-D} [open]

The committee is still looking for a volunteer editor.  John and Ken Hallam
discussed coordinating with AIIM.  Nothing has happened that area.

Chair's note:   The following week, I was contacted by Roy Pierce, Chair of
                AIIM C8.  This issue will be discussed at the June 14th
                meeting of the AIIM Standards Board.

8.17  SCSI-3 Medium Changer Commands (SMC) Status {Project 999-D} [Oetting]

Erich Oetting has accepted the editorship of SMC.  He is still collecting the
document files associated with his new job.  There was a short discussion of
the correctness of the decision to put two SMC commands in the SPC.  The
issue was returned to the working group for further work.

8.18  Directly-Addressable Device Interface (DADI) Status {Project 964-D}

John had no report on DADI.  John did discuss DADI with OMC and felt that
getting this project moving would be important.

8.19  SCSI Common Access Method -2 (CAM-2) Status {Project 990-D} [Dallas]

This project is in hibernation pending completion of the resolution work for
CAM public review comments.

8.20  SCSI-3 Serial Storage Protocol (SSP) Status {Project 1051-D} [Scheible]

This project has been approved by X3 and will be assigned to X3T10.1 per
motions at the last X3T10 meeting and at the X3T10.1 meeting.

8.21  SCSI-3 Controller Commands (SCC) Status {Project 1047-D} [Penokie]

George reported on the RAID Working Group meeting.  The minutes of that
meeting are available in document 94-108r0.

George moved that eight operation codes (A3h, A4h, BAh, BBh, BCh, BDh, BEh,
BFh) be accepted for use devices conforming to the controller device model. 
Jim McGrath seconded the motion.  After a short discussion, the motion was
approved 24:0.

George moved that document 94-031r2 be accepted for inclusion in the SCC
document.  George noted that 94-031r2 has been stable for several months and
that it was distributed a couple of mailings ago.  The motion was approved

Questions were raised about a Seagate proposal for RAID devices.  Jim McGrath
questioned George about whether the RAID Working Group will give Seagate a
hearing on their proposal.  George said that the RAID Working Group will hear
the proposal.

8.22  Multimedia Command Set (MMC) Status {Project 1048-D} [Harris]

MMC project is now approved with project number 1048-D assigned.  Rev 0 of
a proposal document was distributed in March at the Newport Beach meeting. 
It was included in the last mailing.  Norm had received a number of comments
and looking for more.  He plans extensive editing to include new format
support, XA, etc.  New document incorporating comments is to be distributed
in July.  He expects a working group meeting at the end of July--probably
around the ATA meeting time (West Coast).

Norm moved document 94-057 be accepted as the base working draft for project
1048-D.  Skip Jones seconded the motion.  The motion was approved 28:0.

8.23  Replacement of ANSI X3.80-1988, Interfaces Between Flexible Disk
      Cartridges and Their Host Controllers, with ISO 9315:1989. {Project 52-

X3 approved adopting ISO 9315:1989 as an American National Standard (X3 LB
2347) by a vote of 24-0-2-4.  ANSI BSR approval is expected by June.  The
standard will be designated: ANSI/ISO/IEC 9315:1989[1994]

8.24  Fast-20 Study Group [Ham]

Bill Ham reported that the proposal is essentially complete.  The incomplete
area concerns threshold levels.  There will be another study group meeting
on June 2nd in Milpitas, CA.  Changes for slew rate and Voh were also noted.

9.    Old Business

9.1   Technical Information Bulletins

John mentioned the old LOG SENSE/SELECT TIB and asked that anyone who is
interested review it.  John asked Gary Stephens about his TIB on tapes.  Gary
said that the TIB is in revision.

9.2   Revised GPP Project Proposal (94-099r0) [Milligan]

Gene Milligan moved, and Ed Gardner seconded, that document 94-099r0 be
forward to X3 for further processing.  John reported on his conversations
with X3 OMC and the X3 secretariat.  Both organizations felt that making a
technical report is an appropriate action for a draft standard that cannot
achieve consensus.

Bob Snively suggested that several additions should be made to the section
2.3 of the project proposal (94-099r0).  John noted that additions in the
nature of those Bob described probably will not make any difference in the
X3 consideration of the project proposal.

The actions that X3T10 must take (in terms of reviews, voting, and other
procedural actions) were discussed at length.  Concerns were raised about the
level of review, internal and public.  John accepted an action item to find
out how the technical report process differs from the standards process.

A motion to forward 94-099 failed 20:4:0:35 due to lack of a majority of the
committee voting in the affirmative.  John plans to issue a letter ballot on
the forwarding motion.

9.3   ASC Codes for Scanner Window Descriptor Bytes Proposal (93-036r2)

Ralph presented a concern that ASC/ASCQ values mentioned last July were in
used but not approved.  Dal suggested an effective way of contacting the
original document author.  Ralph took an action item to make that contact.

10.   New Business

10.1  Review of new documents

10.2  SAM Letter Ballot Results

SAM Letter Ballot Results:  49:3:0:7 = 59

Yes, with comment:  AT&T Global Information Solutions

No:  Hewlett Packard, IBM, Quantum

Did not respond: AMD, Apple, Compaq, Harbor Electronics, Maxtor,
P.E. Logic, Samsung

See 94-118 for a list of the comments received.

10.3  SBP Letter Ballot Results

SBP Letter Ballot Results:  50:2:0:7 = 59

Yes, with comment: Apple, Quantum

No:  Digital Equipment, IBM

Did not respond: AMD, Compaq, DPT, Harbor Electronics, Maxtor,
P.E. Logic, Samsung

See 94-117 for a list of the comments received.

10.4  ATA-3 Project Proposals Letter Ballot Results

ATA3-PH Letter Ballot Results: 44:6:0:9 = 59

No: Cirrus Logic, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Quantum, Milligan (Seagate), Unitrode

Did not respond: AMD, Apple, Compaq, DPT, Future Domain, Harbor Electronics, 
Maxtor, P.E. Logic, Samsung

ATA3-XPT Letter Ballot Results: 44:6:0:9 = 59

No: Cirrus Logic, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Quantum, Milligan (Seagate), Unitrode

Did not respond: AMD, Apple, Compaq, DPT, Future Domain, Harbor Electronics, 
Maxtor, P.E. Logic, Samsung

ATA3-PI Letter Ballot Results: 45:5:0:9 = 59

No: Hewlett Packard, IBM, Quantum, Milligan (Seagate), Unitrode

Did not respond: AMD, Apple, Compaq, DPT, Future Domain, Harbor Electronics, 
Maxtor, P.E. Logic, Samsung

ATA3-BC Letter Ballot Results: 44:6:0:9 = 59

No: Cirrus Logic, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Quantum, Milligan (Seagate), Unitrode

Did not respond: AMD, Apple, Compaq, DPT, Future Domain, Harbor Electronics, 
Maxtor, P.E. Logic, Samsung

See 94-120 for a list of the comments received on all four ATA-3 project

Steve Finch reported on a comments resolution meeting held earlier in the
day.  Many of the editorial comments were resolved easily.  The comments that
proved more difficult to resolve are as follows.  How many projects (and
documents) belong in this area?  How should these projects relate to the SAM? 
How can the projects clearly delineate the various layers?  Will hard disk
drives be allowed on the ATAPI protocol?

10.5  Fast-20 Project Proposal Letter Ballot Results

Fast-20 Letter Ballot Results: 51:0:0:8 = 59

Yes, with comment: Quantum, Milligan (Seagate), Unitrode, Western Digital

Did not respond: AMD, Apple, Compaq, Future Domain, Harbor Electronics, 
Maxtor, P.E. Logic, Samsung

See 94-119 for a list of the comments received.

Since there were no negatives, John asked that the committee address the
comments on the yes votes during the meeting so that the project proposal
could be sent on to OMC without delay.  The comment from Quantum merely
expressed support for Fast-20.  Several of the Milligan comments were
accepted.  The Unitrode comment actually addressed the Fast-20 proposal, not
the project proposal.  The Western Digital comment was not accepted as it is
a customary statement that is included in all of our project proposals to
avoid controversy during the compliance review upon forwarding a dpANS.

John took an action item to revise the project proposal to include the
comments that were accepted from Milligan.  John also will send the revised
project proposal to Lynn Barra with the appropriate documentation.

10.6  Payment Authorization of Technical Editing Invoice

John Lohmeyer said he had received a copy of an invoice (X3T10/94-122) in the
amount of $350.00 for SPI editing work.  The work had been authorized at the
March '94 X3T10 meeting (see quotation 94-082 and agenda item 10.8 in 94-

Steve Finch moved and Bob Snively seconded that X3T10 authorize the X3
Secretariat to pay the SPI editing invoice (94-122) from Sandi Smith.  The
motion passed unanimously.

10.7  Approval of ANSI Editing Changes to SCSI-2

Larry Lamers presented the SCSI-2 changes required by the ANSI editor.  Gene
Milligan requested information be provided about the nature of the specific
changes.  Larry reported that the changes are mostly in tables 198, 153, and
101.  Larry displayed foils of all the corrected tables and the other changes
requested by the ANSI editor.

Charles Monia moved that the changes shown on the foils be approved.  Larry
Lamers seconded the motion.  John Lohmeyer conducted a role call vote.  The
motion was approved 35:0:0:24.  The details of the vote are shown below.

Organization                 Name                        Yes No Abs NP
3M Company                   Mr. Alan R. Olson            1           
AMP, Inc.                    Mr. Bob Whiteman             1           
AT&T/ NCR Microelectronics   Mr. John Lohmeyer            1           
Adaptec, Inc.                Mr. Norm Harris              1           
Advanced Micro Devices       Mr. David Wang               1           
Amdahl Corp.                 Mr. Neil T. Wanamaker        1           
Ancot Corp.                                                          1
Apple Computer                                                       1
BusLogic                                                             1
CMD Technology               Mr. George Su                1           
Ciprico Inc.                                                         1
Circuit Assembly Corp.       Mr. Ian Morrell              1           
Cirrus Logic Inc.            Mr. John Geldman             1           
Compaq Computer Corp.                                                1
Conner Peripherals           Mr. Michael Bryan            1           
Dallas Semiconductor         Mr. Louis Grantham           1           
Digital Equipment Corp.      Mr. Charles Monia            1           
Distributed Processing Tech.                                         1
ENDL                         Mr. Kenneth J. Hallam        1           
Exabyte Corp.                Mr. Edward Lappin            1           
FSI Consulting Services      Mr. Gary R. Stephens         1           
Foxconn                                                              1
Fujitsu Computer Products,Am Mr. Robert Liu               1           
Future Domain Corp.          Mr. Rene Macare              1           
Harbor Electronics                                                   1
Hewlett Packard Co.          Mr. Jeffrey L. Williams      1           
Hitachi Micro Systems, Inc.  Dr. Sam Karunanithi          1           
Honda Connectors                                                     1
IBM Corp.                    Mr. George Penokie           1           
Interphase Corp.             Mr. David Lawson             1           
JAE                                                                  1
Linfinity Micro              Mr. Dean Wallace             1           
Madison Cable Corp.          Mr. Chuck Grant              1           
Maxoptix Corp.                                                       1
Maxtor Corp.                 Mr. Pete McLean              1           
Methode Electronics, Inc.    Mr. Bob Masterson            1           
Molex Inc.                                                           1
NEC Technologies Inc.        Mr. Bruce Anderson           1           
National Semiconductor                                               1
Oak Technology, Inc.                                                 1
P. E. Logic Corp.                                                    1
Pacific Electro Data Inc.                                            1
Panasonic Technologies, Inc                                          1
Quantum Corp.                Mr. James McGrath            1           
Rancho Technology, Inc.                                              1
Ricoh Corporation                                                    1
Samsung Semiconductor                                                1
Seagate Technology           Mr. Gene Milligan            1           
Silicon Systems, Inc.        Mr. Stephen G. Finch         1           
Sony Electronics, Inc.                                               1
Storage Technology Corp.     Mr. Roger Cummings           1           
Sun Microsystems, Inc.       Mr. Robert N. Snively        1           
Tandem Computers             Mr. John Moy                 1           
Thomas & Betts                                                       1
U.S. Design                                                          1
UNISYS Corporation                                                   1
Unitrode Integrated Circuits Mr. Paul D. Aloisi           1           
Western Digital Corporation  Mr. Tak Asami                1           
Woven Electronics            Mr. Doug Piper               1           
                             Totals:                     35   0  0  24  = 59

10.8  16.6 MB/sec Transfers in ATA-2 (94-045r3) [Finch]

Steve Finch moved that 94-045r4 (a revision of 94-045r3 that Steve described
to the group) be accepted for inclusion in ATA-2.  Rick Kalish seconded the
motion.  The motion was approved 22:0.

10.9  ACA Bit in Control Byte Equals 1 Mandatory [Penokie]

George Penokie moved that X3T10 require all SCSI-3 devices to support the
behavior specified for the ACA=1 condition in the Control byte.  Jeff
Williams seconded the motion.  The motion failed 1:25.

10.10    Processor Commands in the SPC (94-018r0) [Weber]

Ralph Weber moved that X3T10 adopt 94-018r0 thus requiring the SPC editor to
incorporate the processor commands in the SPC as optional commands.  Gene
Milligan seconded the motion.  It was noted that the motion applies to the
processor commands.  The location of the processor device model shall be left
to the discretion of the affected document editors.  After a short
discussion, the motion passed 22:0.

10.11    Checking of Reserved Fields

Jim McGrath moved that initiators be required to set all reserved fields to
zero and that targets not be required to verify that all reserved fields
contain zero.  (Note: The motion reverses the sense of the current reserved
field checking requirements.)  Gene Milligan seconded the motion.  The motion
was approved 16:10.

Given the nature of the motion and the divisive vote, John suggested
additional proposals be brought to the July working group.

\1.   ISO [Milligan]

Gene Milligan, the acting X3T10 International Representative, gave an oral
report and provided the following electronic report:

                             ISO Report
                              May 1994

   Based upon the prior meetings of X3T10, X3T11, and X3T12 the
Acting IR has submitted recommended votes to:

Approve: nine committee drafts comprising CD 9314-8 FDDI MAC-2;
CD 9314-6 FDDI SMT with corrections resulting from the IBM X3
letter ballot comments; CD 9314-7 FDDI PHY-2; CD 9314-13 FDDI
CT-PICS substituting Revision 3.5 for the DIS; CD 11518-6 HIPPI-SC
Revision 2.6;  CD  11518-2 HIPPI-FP Revision 4.3; CD 9318-6, IPI
Enhanced Physical, dated 1/4/93; CD 11518-3, HIPPI-LE Revision
3.4, dated 1/29/93; and CD 11518-1 HIPPI-PH.

Reconfirm IS 9314-1 FDDI PHY; IS 9314-2 FDDI MAC; and IS 9315

Withdraw IS 9316  SCSI upon publication of 9316-1 SCSI-2 and IS
6548  Description of interface between process computing system
and technical process.  

   A recommendation to approve the FC-PH CD will be submitted as
soon as the large number of comments from the public review
resolution can be edited for the ballot.

   The Chair of the U.S.A. TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1 has sent out a
letter discussing the possibility of the U.S.A giving into pressure
to agree to a four month DIS ballot period rather than six months.
The Acting IR plans to submit a personal letter on the subject
and is soliciting official committee positions on the proposal.

   Finally there is a call for inputs on whether the FDDI project
should be in SC 6 or SC 25 resulting from a Resolution at the
last JTC 1 meeting. The reason for the Resolution is a mystery.
There does not seem to be any papers on the subject more recent
than four years ago. Again the Acting IR will submit a personal
letter and seek an official position from X3T12.

11.1  Recommendation for new DIS procedures

Gene Milligan noted that proposed changes to DIS procedures limits DIS votes
to yes or no.  No technical comments would be allowed.  Gene expressed
concern that the proposal eliminates a critical source of debate.  He cannot
believe that draft standards will achieve the necessary technical stability
prior to DIS voting.  Gene did note that he approves of reducing the review
period from six months to four months.

Larry Lamers moved that X3T10 formally support the position of its
International Representative with regard to the proposed changes in DIS
procedures.  Ralph Weber seconded the motion.  The motion was approved 24:0.

11.2  Alternative ISO process [Allan]

Dal Allan presented a proposal for X3T10 response to the negative ISO votes
regarding standards approved by X3T10.  Dal's proposal is in document
94-121r0.  Essentially, Dal proposed that X3T10 attempt to gain international
approval of X3T10 standards by working with ECMA (in addition to ISO).  As
a test case, Dal proposed that X3T10 ask one its members send ATA-1 to ECMA
for international approval.  John noted that ATA-1 may already be copyrighted
by ANSI.  Gene Milligan suggested that CAM might be a better choice.

Several favorable and unfavorable points were raised and discussed.  John and
Dal discussed whether ATA or CAM would be a better choice.  Dal took a straw
poll and found no significant opposition to trying to work with ECMA.  John
took an action item to contact the X3 Secretariat regarding the issue.

12.   Liaison Reports

12.1  X3T11 Liaison Report [Cummings]

Roger Cummings reported that X3T11 Met on April 20 with 71 people in
attendance.  2 organizations were dropped as members on the orders of the
Secretariat for non payment of fees, and Conner Peripherals became a member
company.  Therefore the membership of X3T11 stands at 48 organizations.

Responses to the Second Public Review comments on FC-PH (Fibre Channel
Physical and Signaling Interface) Revision 4.2 were approved.  None are
expected to result in substantive changes.

A detailed tutorial was presented on the FC Link Encapsulation project, and
the use of FC subsystems within various sort of larger network.  Limitations
on bridging and routing schemes were discussed. A detailed review of the
FC-LE draft was also begun.

The X3T11 Letter Ballot on forwarding the two page Amendment to X3.210-1992
for a first Public Review passed with no negative votes, and therefore will
be forwarded for further processing.

The X3T11 Letter Ballots on FC-SB (SBCCS Mapping) Revision 3.0 and FC-AL
(Arbitrated Loop) Revision 4.2 closed with one and four negative votes
respectively.  A number of comments were also made with affirmative votes. 
All comments are being addressed, and both editors expect to have new
document revisions available in June.

Work on FC-EP (Enhanced Physical) is accelerating, with the cutoff date for
first submission of paper on items to be included also being at the June 1994
FC Ad Hoc meetings.

A first publicly-available draft for the HIPPI-ATM project was reviewed in
detail in an Ad Hoc meeting during the week, and a number of significant
comments were generated.

The next X3T11 Plenary will be held on June 22, 1994 at the Hotel Sofitel,
5601 West 78th Street, Bloomington, Minnesota 55439.  The telephone number
is (612) 835-1900 and the fax number is (612) 835-2696.  The reservation
deadline is May 26, 1994, and the conference rate is $102.00 single occupancy
or $112.00 double occupancy.  Fibre Channel Ad Hoc meetings will also be held
on June 20, 21, and 23.

12.2  SFF Industry Group [Allan]

Dal reported that no meeting has been held since the last X3T10 meeting.  Dal
reminded the committee that SFF-8017 describes all the connector and cable
variations for single ended and differential SCSI.  This is a very valuable
document.  Many of those who have read it to date have commented favorably
on it's content.  Dal stated that SFF-8017 is essential reading for any SCSI

12.3  IEEE P1394 [Marazas]

On April 20, 1994 a P1394 Working Group vote was concluded and yielded the
decision to forward the draft standard to the IEEE sponsor which is the
Microprocessor and Microcomputer Standards Subcommittee (MSC) of the IEEE
Computer Society.  Comments presented by the Working Group voting members
were processed by a Vote Response Committee formed by the P1394 Chair.  These
comments are incorporated into P1394 version 7.0, dated May 6, 1994.

The P1394 Chair presented version 7.0 to the MSC at their May 9, 1994
meeting.  The MSC voted to accept this document for purposes of conducting
a Sponsor Group ballot.  Such ballot is administered by the IEEE standards
office and constitutes the public review and voting process by which an IEEE
standard is developed. Progress notes will be posted to the P1394 and to the
SCSI reflectors.  It is expected that actual formulation of the P1394 Voter
Pool and mailing of the document to these members will require between two
and three months.

Given these events, the P1394 group has entered a suspended state with no
further meetings being scheduled.

Upon completion of the Sponsor Ballot for P1394, it is the intention of the
P1394 Chair to convene a Ballot Response Committee composed of the Working
Group Officers, Editors, and principal contributors. A notice of this meeting
will be posted to both the P1394 and the SCSI reflectors so that other
interested parties may participate.  The P1394 Chair estimates this Ballot
Response Committee meeting is most likely to occur in the September or
October time frame.

Should all of the received comments be editorial in nature, then the Response
Committee will produce a Version 8 of the draft standard and forward it to
the IEEE Editors for processing and publication as an IEEE standard.  In the
alternative, should there be technical comments, then the version 8 will need
to be forwarded to the MSC for another Sponsor Ballot.

As stated in prior meetings, joining the P1394 Sponsor Group Voter Pool
requires action by each interested party to contact in writing:

           The IEEE Standards Department
           445 Hoes Lane
           Piscataway, New Jersey 08855

Any party, including persons who are not members of the IEEE, may comment on
the document being subjected to a Sponsor Group Ballot.  In order to exercise
a vote which is included in the Ballot Tally, the person must be a member of
the IEEE.  Additionally, in the IEEE procedures, persons vote as individuals
representing themselves rather than as an authorized representative of some
corporate entity or other organization.

In order to facilitate comments by X3T10 members who do not wish to become
members of the P1394 Sponsor Ballot Pool, the P1394 Chair repeats his
previous offer to include within his own comments, those comments from X3T10
members.  The P1394 chair is also attempting to gain permission from the IEEE
Standards office for a copy of version 7.0 of the P1394 document to be
included in the next X3T10 mailing.  At the present time it appears the IEEE
is willing to grant explicit permission via a letter to John Lohmeyer for
reproduction and distribution by X3T10 on a one-time basis of the P1394 draft
standard.  A new and more recent version of the IEEE Copyright notice will
be placed on the P1394 Face Sheet.  Such a document, with the new copyright
notice, will carry version number 7.01 in order to distinguish it from the
previously distributed version 7.0.

12.4  IT8 [Lohmeyer]

No report.

12.5  IEEE P1285 Status [Pak]

Dennis Pak provided the following report by email:
IEEE P1285 is a standards group organized to define a new interface
for "high-latency", non-volatile memory elements such as rotating
media and solid state memory. The group is targeting configurations
where storage elements are small enough to be attached directly to
the motherboard. The goals are to provide support for scheduling of
data transfers spanning large numbers of units and to represent the
traditional secondary storage elements as an extension to the
system's main memory (memory-mapped).
Issues of concurrency, latency, bandwidth, extensibility,
scalability are being addressed.  The increasing demand for
deterministic data transfers by real-time applications is being
examined.  Support is to be provided for scheduling data transfers
in a predetermined manner in order to support time dependent
The major features of P1285 are identified below:
   o Control and data space is memory mapped using P1212
   o One controller, multiple slaves model
   o Byte addressable, true memory mapped disk architecture
   o Inherent spindle synchronization support
   o Isochronous support
   o Live insertion/removal
   o Motherboard direct attach
   o Scalability in performance and cost
IEEE P1285 Project Status
New commands have been added to the P1285 beta level interface to
allow a device to transfer data between main memory and a beta
level device buffer.
A power control section has been added to the P1285 document, and
the text of an error control section to be added to the P1285 has
been completed.
The P1285 gamma level interface, which was originally being
considered for SCI (IEEE 1596) systems, has been generalized to
accommodate a wider range of physical level interfaces. Each
supported interface will have an annex in the P1285 document.
The beta level document and the gamma level document have been
merged into one P1285 working document version number 0.210.
A co-located meeting was held in May with the SCI (IEEE 1596)
working group to start work on defining a gamma level P1285
interface for SCI. In the future, co-located meetings will be held
with 1596 each time there is a 1596 working group meeting in the
Bay Area.
A co-located meeting is planned with X3T10 during its July meeting
week. Martin Freeman and John Lohmeyer will co-ordinate on this
Upcoming Events
Future meetings are scheduled as follows:
   June 9       Quantum Corp, 500 McCarthy Blvd, Milpitas, CA
   July 7       Apple Computer, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA
   July 12      Co-located Meeting with X3T10 (Tentative)
   August 4     Quantum Corp, 500 McCarthy Blvd, Milpitas, CA
   August 17    Co-located Meeting with IEEE 1596 (Tentative)
These meetings are scheduled from 2:00-5:00 PM. Co-located meetings
may not occur at this scheduled time.

Ralph Weber noted that the July 12th meeting date may be in error as it is
the week prior to the X3T10 meetings he is hosting in New Hampshire.  John
will contact Martin Freeman regarding the issue.

12.6  PCMCIA Report [McLean]

Pete McLean reported on the recent PCMCIA activities and provided the
following electronic report:

                            PCMCIA Report

PCMCIA is working on finalizing the input for the next release of
PCMCIA, code named 'Berlin'.  The next meeting is June 14-16, 1994
in Santa Clara, CA.  Pre-registration is now required.  A meeting
fee is being assessed on all participants.  A reflector for PCMIA
is being supported by Cirrus Logic.  However it is not clear
whether non-members will be allowed to subscribe.

1)   A proposal for adding DMA capability to R2 sockets has
advanced to balloting for inclusion in the next release of PCMCIA. 
There was a discussion in the PC-Card ATA working group as to
whether or not it should be considered for disk drives or
explicitly disallowed in favor of a CardBus solution.

2)   Power Management - This topic includes several issues all
related to the control of power and the device behavior.  The
requirement for a response to power-on within 3 seconds has
advanced to the ballot stage.  The current draw at power-on was
revised to 70 ma maximum for 3.3 volt devices and 100 ma maximum
for 5 volt devices.  A power management proposal was made to
address the Microsoft Advanced Power Management specification.

3)   Developers Guide - PCMCIA is selling a book authored by a
third source called `The PCMCIA Developers Guide'.  It is available
|from the PCMCIA office.

5)   Card Bus - The Card Bus proposal continues to advance through
the stages necessary for inclusion in the next release.  However,
there are intellectual property issues that need to be resolved
before the final approval.

6)   SCSI Connector - Still undecided.  The PC Card SCSI group
concluded that the alternative connectors were technically
equivalent.  The Card Physical sub-committee will address the issue
of deciding which connector to select PCMCIA meeting.

7)   Software - There was a preliminary discussion on consideration
for developing a specification for a Master Device Driver with
`mini-port' drivers underneath to allow Card Services to better
manage card swapping and provide the upper layer protocols a more
consistent interface.  It would also seek to make differences
amoung cards of the same type (e.g., all SCSI adpaters) appear the
same to the host and thus be interchangeable.

12.7  AIIM C21 [Podio]

John Lohmeyer reported that Fernando Podio visited the working group meeting
on Wednesday.  Refer to 94-107 for more information.

13.   Review of Action Items

10)   John Lohmeyer will contact Lynn Barra regarding the LOG SENSE TIB
      (X3T9.2/90-165) which is on hold.
15)   Bob Snively will investigate liaison with IEEE P1244.5.
16)   Ralph Weber will contact Tetsuro Motoyama regarding his desired
      disposition of X3T9.2/93-036r1.
17)   John Lohmeyer will revise the SCSI-3 Fast-20 project proposal (94-
      060r1) based on the comments accepted at the Plenary meeting.
18)   John Lohmeyer will forward the revised SCSI-3 Fast-20 project proposal
      (94-060r2) to Lynn Barra with appropriate documentation.
19)   John Lohmeyer will send Lynn Barra the results of the SCSI-2 vote.
20)   John Lohmeyer conduct a letter ballot on the GPP project proposal
21)   George Penokie will prepare a revision of the LOG SENSE TIB.

14.   Meeting Schedule

The next plenary meeting of X3T10 will be July 21-22, 1994, in Bedford, NH,
at the Sheraton Tara Wayfarer Inn (603-622-3766), hosted by Digital Equipment
Corp.  The meeting will begin at 1:00 pm on Thursday and at 8:30 am on Friday
(if necessary).

The meeting list for the next plenary week is:

                             July '94 Meeting Map

Monday 7/18        9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   | SCSI CAM Working Group                    |  (25)
                                     |SSA El I/F WG|              (20)

Tuesday 5/19       9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   |    X3T10.1    / SSP        / SSA-UIG      |  (40)
                                       |      SCSI-3 WG        |  (40)
                   | SCC & RAB Joint Meeting       |              (40)

Wednesday 5/20     9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   | SCSI-3 WG                                 |  (45)

Thursday 5/21      9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   | ATA WG        | X3T10 Plenary             |  (40/80)

Friday 5/22    8   9   10  11  12  1   2
                 | X3T10 (*) / SFF     |                          (80)

(*) If X3T10 meeting runs until Friday, Small Form Factor will follow
    the X3T10 meeting; Otherwise, SFF starts at 8:30 am.
    Meetings marked with == are X3T10-authorized meetings.
    Meetings marked with -- are authorized by other groups and may change
    without notice.

Meeting Map Abbreviation Key:
ATA:              AT Attachment (a.k.a. IDE)
CAM:              Common Access Method
Gen Edit Sess:    General Editing Session
El:               Electrical
I/F:              Interface
LB:               Letter Ballot
P1394:            IEEE Project on High Performance Serial Bus (not an X3            
Plenary:          Full Committee Meeting
RAB:              RAID Advisory Board (not an X3 activity)
RAID:             Redundant Array of Independent Devices
SCC:              SCSI-3 Controller Commands (RAID)
SFF:              Small Form Factor Industry Group (not an X3 activity)
SG:               Study Group
SSA:              Serial Storage Interface
SSP:              Serial Storage Protocol (Protocol for SSA)
UIG:              User Interest Group (not an X3 activity)
WG:               Working Group (same as Ad Hoc Group)
X3T10:            Lower Level Interfaces Technical Committee (was X3T9.2)
X3T10.1:          SSA Task Group of X3T10 (was X3T9.7)

Several other X3T10 events are also planned:
Event                           Day/Date  Time      Location/contact
------------------------------- --------- --------- -----------------------
ATA Working Group               Wed  6/1  9a - 5p   Milpitas/Finch
ATA Working Group               Wed  6/29 9a - 5p   Milpitas/Finch
ATA Working Group               Thu  7/21 9a - 12p  Manchester/Digital
Fast-20 Working Group           Thu  6/2  9:30-4p   Milpitas/McGrath
RAID Study Group                Tue  6/28 9a - 5p   Minneapolis/Penokie

For more information about X3T10 activities, please contact the following

Activity                     Contact        Telephone/Email
---------------------------- -------------- ------------------------------
CAM Working Group            Bill Dallas    (603) 881-2508
                                            dallas at wasted.enet.dec.com
ATA Working Group            Steve Finch    (714) 573-6808
                                            5723283 at mcimail.com
GPP Working Group            Gary Stephens  (602) 321-1725
                                            6363897 at mcimail.com
MMC Study Group              Norm Harris    (408) 945-8600 x2230
                                            nharris at adaptec.com
SSC Contact                  Edward Lappin  (303) 447-7718
                                            tedl at exabyte.com
SPC Contact                  Ralph Weber    (603) 881-1497
                                            weber at star.enet.dec.com
RAID Study Group             George Penokie (507) 253-5208
                                            gop at rchvmp3.vnet.ibm.com
SAM Working Group            Charles Monia  (508) 841-6757
                                            monia at starch.enet.dec.com
SBP Working Group            Jerry Marazas  (407) 982-4423
                                            marazas at bcrvmpc2.vnet.ibm.com
SPI Contact                  Larry Lamers   (408) 432-4776
                                            71540.2756 at compuserve.com
SIP Contact                  Larry Lamers   (408) 432-4776
                                            71540.2756 at compuserve.com
SCAM Contact                 Ed Gardner     (719) 548-2247
                                            gardner at ssag.enet.dec.com
Other Activities             John Lohmeyer  (719) 573-3362
                                            john.lohmeyer at ftcollinsco.ncr.com

The long-term X3T10 meeting week schedule is:

Date             Location                  Host/Comments
---------------  ------------------------  --------------------------
Jul 18-22, 1994  Bedford, NH               DEC
Sep 12-16, 1994  Houston, TX               Compaq
Nov 7-11,  1994  Palm Springs, CA          Western Digital
Jan  8-13, 1995  Lake Tahoe, NV            SSI
Mar  5-10, 1995  Newport Beach, CA         QLogic
May  7-12, 1995  Harrisburg, PA            AMP
Jul  9-14, 1995  Colorado Springs, CO      AT&T/NCR Microelectronics
Sep 10-15, 1995  Manchester, NH            Digital
Nov  5-10, 1995  Southern CA               Western Digital

14.1  Authorization of Working Group Meetings

John noted that the working group meetings are required to operate under the
same voting procedures as does X3T10 (that is, one vote per organization) and
the results of a working group are not binding on the parent committee.  This
later requirement is why we have traditionally only used non-binding straw
polls in working group meetings.  Any issue where the voting rules would make
a difference is automatically deferred to the plenary group.

Gary Stephens moved and Steve Finch seconded that X3T10 authorize the X3T10-
related meetings and events in the list above.  The motion passed

15.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday May 19, 1994.

                       Meeting Attenders -- Enclosure (1)

         Name          S        Organization         Electronic Mail Address
---------------------- -- ------------------------- -------------------------
Mr. Alan R. Olson      P  3M Company                usmmm5cd at ibmmail.com
Mr. Norm Harris        P  Adaptec, Inc.             nharris at adaptec.com
Mr. Lawrence J. Lamers A# Adaptec, Inc.             ljlamers at adaptec.com
Mr. Richard Kalish     A  Adaptec, Inc.             rkalish at aol.com
Mr. David Wang         P  Advanced Micro Devices    dwang at angelo.amd.com
Mr. Neil T. Wanamaker  P  Amdahl Corp.              ntw20 at eng.amdahl.com
Mr. Charles Brill      P  AMP, Inc.                 cebrill at amp.com
Mr. Bob Whiteman       A  AMP, Inc.                 whiteman at cup.portal.com
Mr. Michael Wingard    O  Amphenol Interconnect
Mr. Ken Scherzinger    V  Amphenol Spectra Strip
Mr. John Lohmeyer      P  AT&T/ NCR                 john.lohmeyer at ftcollinsco
                          Microelectronics          .ncr.com
Mr. Joe Stoupa         O  Burr-Brown Corp.
Mr. Ian Morrell        A  Circuit Assembly Corp.
Mr. Joe Chen           P  Cirrus Logic Inc.         chen at cirrus.com
Mr. John Geldman       A# Cirrus Logic Inc.         johng at cirrus.com
Mr. George Su          A# CMD Technology            gsu at cmd.com
Mr. Peter Johansson    O  Congruent Software, Inc.
Mr. Michael Bryan      P  Conner Peripherals        Mike_Bryan+aDevelopment+a
                                                    Colorado%conner at mcimail.c
Mr. Louis Grantham     P  Dallas Semiconductor      grantham at dalsemi.com
Mr. Charles Monia      P  Digital Equipment Corp.   monia at starch.enet.dec.com
Dr. William Ham        A# Digital Equipment Corp.   ham at subsys.enet.dec.com
Mr. Ralph Weber        A# Digital Equipment Corp.   weber at star.enet.dec.com
Mr. Edward A. Gardner  A  Digital Equipment Corp.   gardner at ssag.enet.dec.com
Mr. I. Dal Allan       P  ENDL                      2501752 at mcimail.com
Mr. Kenneth J. Hallam  A  ENDL                      khallam at endlas.com
Mr. Edward Lappin      P  Exabyte Corp.             tedl at exabyte.com
Mr. Gary R. Stephens   P  FSI Consulting Services   6363897 at mcimail.com
Mr. Robert Liu         P  Fujitsu Computer          74503.1610 at compuserve.com
Mr. Jeffrey L.         P  Hewlett Packard Co.       jlw at hpdmd48.boi.hp.com
Ms. Nancy Cheng        O  Hitachi Computer Products n_cheng at hitachi.com
Dr. Sam Karunanithi    P  Hitachi Micro Systems,    skarunan at hmsi.hitachi.com
Mr. George Penokie     P  IBM Corp.                 gop at rchvmp3.vnet.ibm.com
Mr. Dan Colegrove      A# IBM Corp.                 colegrove at vnet.ibm.com
Mr. Ken Cummings       O  IBM Corp.                 kcummings at vnet.ibm.com
Mr. Giles Frazier      O  IBM Corp.                 gfrazier at ausvm6.vnet.ibm.
Mr. David Lawson       P  Interphase Corp.          lawson at iphase.com
Mr. Dean Wallace       P  Linfinity Micro
Mr. Chuck Grant        A  Madison Cable Corp.
Mr. Pete McLean        A  Maxtor Corp.              pete_mclean at maxtor.com
Mr. Ray Heineman       O  Maxtor Corp.              ray_heineman at maxtor.com
Mr. Andrew J. Toth     O  Meritec                   ajt at po.cwru.edu
Mr. Bob Masterson      P  Methode Electronics, Inc.
Mr. Jay Neer           O  Molex Inc.
Mr. Robert J.          O  NCCOSC RDTE DIV 821       gallenbe at nosc.mil
Mr. Clifford Carlson   O  NCCOSC RDTE DIV 821       wcarlson at nosc.mil
Mr. Bruce Anderson     P  NEC Technologies Inc.     banderson at nectech.com
Mr. Skip Jones         P  QLogic Corp.              sk_jones at qlc.com
Mr. James McGrath      P  Quantum Corp.             JMCGRATH at QNTM.COM
Mr. Gene Milligan      P  Seagate Technology        Gene_Milligan at notes.seaga

         Name          S        Organization         Electronic Mail Address
---------------------- -- ------------------------- -------------------------
Mr. Gerald Houlder     A  Seagate Technology        Gerry_Houlder at notes.seaga
Mr. Stephen G. Finch   P  Silicon Systems, Inc.     5723283 at mcimail.com
Mr. Erich Oetting      P  Storage Technology Corp.  Erich_Oetting at Stortek.com
                              Meeting Attenders

Mr. Roger Cummings     A  Storage Technology Corp.  Roger_Cummings at Stortek.co
Mr. Robert N. Snively  P  Sun Microsystems, Inc.    Bob.Snively at sun.com
Mr. Vit Novak          A  Sun Microsystems, Inc.    vit.novak at sun.com
Mr. John Moy           P  Tandem Computers          moy_john at tandem.com
Mr. Paul D. Aloisi     P  Unitrode Integrated       Aloisi at uicc.com
Mr. Tom Hanan          A# Western Digital           hanan_t at a1.wdc.com
Mr. Tak Asami          A  Western Digital           asami at dt.wdc.com
Mr. Doug Piper         P  Woven Electronics         WOVEN ELECTRONICS / MCI
                                                    ID: 549-9900

60 People Present

Status Key:  P    -  Principal
             A,A# -  Alternate
             O    -  Observer
             L    -  Liaison
             V    -  Visitor

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1635 Aeroplaza Dr.                    Fax:  719-597-8225
Colo Spgs, CO 80916              SCSI BBS:  719-574-0424 300--14400 baud

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