GPP: Technical Report vs. Standard

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Tue May 24 14:38:34 PDT 1994

I took an action item at the X3T10 meeting last week to 
investigate the differences in processing X3 Technical Reports 
vs. ANSI Standards.  This action item was in response to a 
question regarding how GPP would be processed if we change it to 
a Technical Report.

I spoke to Lynn Barra (X3 Secretariat) this morning.  She said 
the pertinent information had been accidentally left out of the 
X3 rules document (which is why we couldn't find it at the 
meeting) and will be included in the next revision of the SD-2 

The processing up to the time that the Operational Management 
Committee (OMC) reviews the TR is identical to the processing of 
a draft standard.  At that point, the process differs.  The draft 
TR is sent out concurrently for public review and X3 letter 
ballot whereas draft standards do not go to X3 until satisfactory 
completion of public review.

Any comments received during the TR public review are responded 
to, but they do not necessarily affect the TR.  In effect, the 
public review merely serves as public notice of the existence of 
the Technical Report.  Since Technical Reports are not Standards, 
they do not require the same degree of consensus.

Lynn could not identify any differences between the processing of 
ANSI Technical Reports vs. X3 Technical Reports other than ANSI 
editors would be involved in publishing the ANSI Technical 
Reports.  We probably could use the ANSI publications department 
to help edit an X3 TR, but I don't think it is required.

I plan to issue a letter ballot on forwarding the revised GPP 
Project Proposal which would convert project 991-D from a 
standards project to a technical report project this week.  Since 
the revised Project Proposal was in the April mailing (document 
94-099), this letter ballot does not need to be synchronized with 
the June mailing.


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