FC-AL Ad Hoc @ Denver

Kurt Chan kc at core.rose.hp.com
Mon May 23 19:15:34 PDT 1994

From:  Kurt Chan
To:    SCSI/FC Reflectors
Subj:  FC-AL Ad Hoc
Date:  Mon May 23 19:08:49 PDT 1994

It appears that several folks did not get the following message, so here
it is again.  So far, I'm expecting the following attendance:

HP DMD (1)
HP Roseville (2)
Adaptec (2)
Stortek (1)
QLogic (1)
WD (?)
Emulex (?)

I'm not sure what airport will be servicing Denver next week, but the
meeting is still at the Red Lion near Stapleton.  Also, there are
apparently some late flights departing Denver Tuesday night which may
serve some of those in the same time zone, despite our late schedule.

To the individuals listed above - look for more details later this week
via email.



| From:   Kurt Chan
| To:     FCSI/SCSI Reflectors
| Subj:   FC Native Disk Attach Ad Hoc
| Date:   Thu May 19 12:05:09 PDT 1994
| HP is hosting another Loop Ad Hoc meeting:
|    Tuesday, May 31, 8am-8pm
|    Red Lion Stapleton
|    3203 Quebec St
|    Denver 80207
|    303-321-3333
| The hotel is located across the street from the airport, with
| complementary shuttle service.  Continental breakfast will be
| provided.  
| Plan on staying late Tuesday night so we can avoid having to meet
| Weds, and please RSVP to me so I'll know how many people to
| accomodate, and who to send copies of the agenda to.  If we cannot
| finish the agenda in 12 hours on Tuesday, be prepared to stay over a
| half-day or so Weds also...
| Regards,
| Kurt Chan       Hewlett-Packard, IND-SIL         916-785-5621
|                 8000 Foothills Blvd, MS R5NF     916-785-2875 fax
|                 Roseville, CA 95747              kc at core.rose.hp.com 

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