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>>Is anyone working on layering SCSI protocols over ATM? I'm
>>interested in either standards based efforts or proprietary,
>>single company solutions.
>>Dave Ford
>>dford at
>I wonder why anyone would want to put SCSI on top of ATM. Is it meant for
>extending a SCSI bus to the next room and beyond? Or even to create a mesh of
>SCSI buses all connected via ATM? I could envisage you running into a lot of
>problems with that approach.
>My company, Cellware, has built a piece of equipment called TIWA (TB Interface
>Workstation Adapter) that provides sort of interworking between SCSI (fast
>SCSI-2, to be precise) and ATM (AAL3/4 or AAL5). We do not carry the SCSI
>protocol information via ATM. We are using the SCSI-2 communication device
>We have produced some TIWAs for a pan-European ATM project called TRIBUNE. At
>the moment it has not yet matured to a product we could sell. But there are
>firm plans to include SCSI capabilities in the range of our existing and
>planned ATM products.
>In the configuration used for TRIBUNE we connect the TIWA via SCSI to an EISA
>workstation running under OS/2. We achieve a data rate beyond
>6 MBytes/s.
>Gert Siebert
>gs at

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