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Thu May 5 16:52:35 PDT 1994


If I remember correctly, this has been laid aside in favor of
the RAID group's proposal for a windowed access to very large
LUN spaces.  George Penokie has come up with a very effective
set of Mode Select / Mode Sense commands directed to LUN 0
that allow the mapping of any arbitrary 64-bit LUN space to
the 32 LUN's accessible through parallel SCSI.  The tags
remain constrained to 256 values in parallel SCSI, but SAM
provides for up to a 64-bit value depending on the
particular protocol.


>From gene_milligan at notes.seagate.com Thu May  5 16:18 PDT 1994
>Date:         Thu May 05 10:02:16 1994
>I had forgotten the action taken at last year's New Hamshire meeting:
>>Doug Hagerman presented a proposal for this project.  He is proposing
>>establishing a new device type.  One of the key elements is to get extended
>>addressing in parallel SCSI for logical units.  This will require a new
>>flavor of the IDENTIFY message.
>>Gene Milligan moved and Jim McGrath seconded that a new extended IDENTIFY
>>message be added to SIP to allow extend LUN specification and expand the tag
>>value.  The motion passed 23:2:0.
>I don't recall ever seeing the resultant definition and therefore have no idea
>how it impacts the discussion or my comments. Does someone or everyone else
>know the outcome of this item?
>Gene Milligan -- Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com

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