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Erich Oetting eros at
Fri May 6 06:43:04 PDT 1994

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>> There were several punish the initiator requirements included in SCSI-2 that
>> have not been accepted in the de-facto world. Most of us have a User
>> mode so while you are correct about SCSI-2 the point still applies that
>> where a specific case can be made (if there are any), Reserved fields should
>> not be checked by the Target end.

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When I build a drive to the current revision of the SCSI spec, I don't know
the future holds for the Reserved fields.  By rejecting a command with a
bit or field set, I inform the initiator that I don't know how to do what is 
requested.  Initiators that care about data integrety understand this.

When a customer asks me to ignore the Reserved bit in a command, I can point to
the SCSI spec. and explain why the target rejected it.  If the customer insists
on User Friendly, I can set a special non complient mode.


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