SCAM Questions

Jon Buckingham jonb at
Tue May 3 01:19:57 PDT 1994

> During the process of incorporating SCAM into SPI some
> questions have arisen.
> 6)   Can we get rid of the abhorent terminology and used
> SCSI terminology.
> A SCAM master is really a SCAM initiator.  A SCAM slave is
> really a SCAM target.

My understanding of these definitions is this...

   Master    : Controls iterations, i.e. transfers synchronisation
	       codes, function codes, action codes.

   Slave     : participates in isolation stages in order to be
	       assigned an action code (typically an ID).
	       There may be several slaves participating at once.

   Initiator : performs SCAM arbitration and selection (initiates SCAM
	       i.e. for level 1, is always the SCAM master.
		    for level 2, may be a master or slave.

So the SCSI concept of initator and target doesn't really fit SCAM.

Is this a correct interpretation?

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