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Mon Mar 28 12:38:39 PST 1994

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  OFFICE MEMO         SCSI Download Microcode               Date:  3/28/94


I do not want it to be misunderstood that the Quantum proposal in any way 
relates to the current Quantum implementation - it does not.  Indeed, we have 
different implementations for different products (and different customers).  I 
would be very surprized if that were not true for other companies as well.

My goal is to make a proposal that solves the problem in a standard manner and 
is BACKWARD compatible with existing implementations (at least as much as 
possible).  i.e. I do not want the new system to incorrectly program an old 
drive - ideally it will generate a CHECK CONDITION if the new technique is 

As usual, the network appears to be flakely - could someone send to the the DEC 
reply on the proposal (I did not get a copy).


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