Comments on FCP rev 8 Letter Ballot

George Penokie GOP at
Fri Mar 25 15:31:29 PST 1994

 SUBJECT: COMMENTS FOR FCP rev 8 letter ballot

 1. FCP has no method of resetting an alternate port of a dual port SCSI
    device without affecting the port being used. Since Parallel SCSI has this
    capability (using a message), FCP should also. A currently reserved bit
    of the Task Management Flags field (Byte 2 of FCP_CNTL, p. 23) could be
    used for this task. The function should reset all other ports of a
    multiport device.

 2. FCP states that ALL commands are resumed after a Clear ACA task
    management function is received. The SCSI Architecture Model (SAM)
    states that only non-ACA tagged commands should be resumed and ACA
    tagged commands should be aborted. FCP should be consistent with
    SAM. (Please see p. 24, Clear ACA.)

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