FC-AL Ad Hoc for April

Kurt Chan kc at core.rose.hp.com
Mon Mar 21 02:49:08 PST 1994

From:  Kurt Chan
To:    SCSI Reflector, FC Reflector
Subj:  April FC-AL Ad Hoc Implementors WG
Date:  Mon Mar 21 02:35:06 PST 1994

While I realize it conflicts with the last half of the -IG review,
I've scheduled HP's FC-AL ad hoc Implementors working group for Monday
of ANSI week in Seattle from 1pm-5pm at the same hotel as the ANSI

There is apparently more disagreement than I had anticipated over the
value of a closed loop only profile, which reopens the issues of
fabric support, class 2, mixed class 2/3, etc.  Therefore, I expect us
to remain Sleepless in Seattle next month even without the
caffeinated drinks that the areas is famous for. Be prepared to run a
bit past 5pm...

If you have any specific feedback for me in the interim, don't
hesitate to email or call.  I've temporarily shelved my Lan
backbone/bridging activity to give the Loop issues my undivided
attention.  Alas, the window of opportunity may be closing quickly on
FC Lan Emulation, so I hope we can keep this activity alive by
whatever means possible.

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