IEEE Mass Store Reference Model - Draft

Lansing J Sloan ljsloan at
Fri Mar 11 15:58:41 PST 1994

FC, HIPPI, IPI, and SCSI Folks,

 A revised draft of the IEEE Mass Storage Reference Model is
 available for the purpose of soliciting technical and editorial

 PostScript copies of the document should be available soon.

 Postscript copies of the document will be obtainable from the NASA Lewis
 anonymous ftp site,  The document is in three
 parts, Houston.{toc, pre, doc}, in directory mass_store.

 The plan is to get the Model into a shape that the IEEE Storage System
 Standards Working Group (SSSWG) can vote to remove the "draft".  The
 schedule is to vote at the SSSWG April meeting (third full week).

 Technical discussion regarding the Model should be conducted on
 the SSSWG reflector:
      IEEE+MSS at
 To join the reflector, send a request to
      IEEE+MSS-request at

 Please contact the document editor, Richard Garrison,
 for more information regarding availability of the draft and methods
 to participate and provide comments.

 Richard can be reached as follows:

 Richard Garrison
 2 Phillips Lane
 Chester Springs, PA 19425
 voice:        (215) 531-6746
 facsimile:    (215) 962-3698
 Email:        garrison at      

I thank Richard for providing this information to all of you.

-- Lansing Sloan

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