Proposed ATA-2 Working Group Agenda

Steve Finch TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at
Thu Jun 30 08:35:19 PDT 1994

The next ATA Working Group Meeting will be during the X3T10 Plenary Week.  
Specifically on Thursday, July 21, 1994 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.  

The announcements for the last couple of meetings of the ATA Working Group 
Meetings had indicated that the meetings were for Editing of the ATA-2 
standard.  During these meetings, several technical issues were discussed, 
but resolutions were not accepted as the advertised purpose of the meetings 
were "editorial" and not technical.  To address these issues and new 
technical issues as they occur, this ATA Working Group meeting will be a 
technical meeting and will address changes to the document that are of a 
technical nature.

The following is a proposed agenda for this meeting:

Proposed Agenda

X3T10 ATA Working Group
9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M., July 21, 1994
Manchester, NH

1.  Opening Remarks

2.  Attendance and Membership, Introductions

3.  Approval of Agenda

4.  Document Distribution

5.  Old Business
5.1.	ATA-3 Project Proposal Letter Ballets (1 hr)
5.2.	ATA-2 Technical Issues discovered during editing sessions
5.3.	ATA-2 Technical Review

6.  New Business
6.1.	Termination Issues (Hanan)

7.   Meeting Schedule
    Proposed Meeting Schedule:
    August 27 (and 28?), 1994, San Jose, IBM
    September 15, 1994, Houston, TX, Compaq
    September 28, 1994, Oklahoma City, OK, Seagate
    October 19, 1994, Longmont, CO, Conner
    November 10, 1994, Palm Springs, CA, Western Digital
    November 30, 1994, Irvine, CA, Western Digital
8.  Adjournment

See you at the meeting

Steve Finch, Chair ATA Working Group
Silicon Systems, Inc.
PH:  714 573-6808
FX:  714 573-6916
Email:  5723283 at

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