Reserve & Release in SPC

Gerry Houlder Gerry_Houlder at
Wed Jun 29 16:31:30 PDT 1994

I have a couple of comments on document 94-106R0:
(A) Page 3, last paragraph:
 The last sentence (starting with ".. but only if the reservation was made..")
includes a rather convoluted description of when a 3rd party Release is valid.
I know this is the nearly identical with SCSI-2, but better wording is needed.
How about this:
 ".. but only if the selecting initiator ID, 3rdPty bit, and third party device
ID field are identical when compared to the RESERVE command that established
the reservation."
(B) Page 9, last paragraph:
 Tables a8 and a9 cover the cases of LongID=1/Extent=1 and LongID=1/Extent=0,
respectively, but you don't cover the case of LongID=0/Extent=1. In this case
you don't want the 8 byte LongID field but do want the extent descriptor. This
is different than tables a8 or a9. You may want to describe these tables
differently so they can be concantenated.
(C) I need a standard interpretation. I have always interpreted it to say that
the 3rd party Release command can only come from the initiator that issued the
original Reserve command. Thus the 3rd party ID can do any command except
release his own reservation or supercede it with a new reservation. First, is
the standard really this strict in its wording? Second, wouldn't it be better
to allow the 3rd party ID to also be able to release (and maybe even supercede)
its own reservation if it wanted to?
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