X3T10 SCSI Working Group Draft Agenda

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Wed Jun 29 11:57:54 PDT 1994

Please let me know if there are other agenda items that should be added for
the SCSI Working Group meeting.  -- John

                          X3T10 SCSI Working Group
                              July 19-20, 1994
                                 Draft Agenda

1.    Opening Remarks
2.    Attendance and Membership
3.    Approval of Agenda

4.    Physical Topics
   4.1   Fast-20 Progress Report (94-116,-131,-061r5)
       4.1.1     Fast-20 Node Capacitance (reflector messages) [McGrath]
   4.2   SCAM Annex Proposal (94-133) [Gardner/Lamers/Lohmeyer]
   4.3   SCSI-3 SPI Issues (94-038r2) [Aloisi]

5.    Protocol Topics

   5.1   SAM Forwarding Comments Resolution (Project 994D) [Monia]
   5.2   SBP Forwarding Comments Resolution (Project 992D)
   5.3   FCP Forwarding Comments Resolution (Project 993D) [Snively]
   5.4   Letter Ballot Comment Resolution on GPP Project Proposal for TR
         (94-124) []
   5.5   Message Handling Chart for SIP (94-032) [Houlder]
   5.6   Transfer Period tolerance in SIP/SPI (reflector messages) [Galloway]

6.    Command Set Topics
   6.1   Various SPC Topics [Weber] {Tuesday pm}
   6.2   Placing the Processor Device Commands in SPC (94-018) [Weber]
         {Tuesday pm}
   6.3   SCSI-3 Download Microcode (94-80r1, 94-104r0) [McGrath, Cummings]
   6.4   SCSI-3 INQUIRY Command (94-079r1) [McGrath]
   6.5   Data Recovery on Deferred Errors (94-067) [Houlder]
   6.6   RAID 5 Support on SCSI Disk Drives (94-111) [Houlder]
      6.6.1     ACA handling for Temporary Initiators (reflector messages)
   6.7   Enhanced READ BUFFER command for Tape (94-128) [Lappin]
   6.8   EREAD POSITION command for SSC (94-137) [Lappin]
   6.9   Proposal for Control Mechanism for Reserved Handling (94-130)
   6.10  Scanner Window Descriptor Bytes Proposal (94-110)

7.    Meeting Schedule
8.    Adjournment

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