Tom Hanan (714)932-7472 HANAN_T at a1.wdc.com
Mon Jun 27 22:59:00 PDT 1994


The current ATA FTP site is listed as:



The same as the ata reflector;

ata at dt.wdc.com


Let's try and keep all of the ata information on the same server. It helps
prevent confusion.....

I will move the ata-2 (2d) file over to the ftp site today. If I get time 
I will translate it into a postscript file also.


P.S. ATA e-mail should be sent to the ata reflector (ata at dt.wdc.com).

Anyone can send mail even if they have not yet signed up....

To sign up send e-mail to majordomo at dt.wdc.com with the following in the 
body of the e-mail:

subscribe ata

It's that simple.....

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