FC-AL Direct Disk Attach Profile

Kurt Chan kc at core.rose.hp.com
Mon Jun 27 09:49:38 PDT 1994

The Postscript for Revision 0.2 of the FC-AL Direct Disk Attach Closed
Loop Profile is now available via anonymous ftp on ncrinfo.ncr.com.
Much thanks to John Lohmeyer and NCR for providing this service.  Look
under pub/standards/fc/profiles/fcspec.ps:

    -rw-r-----  1 ftp       1123858 Jun 27 00:55 fcspec2.ps

I've already caught a few typsetting/typographical errors, so I'll
make some corrections and bring copies of a "rev 0.21" with me to
Denver.  The NCR server will be kept updated with the latest version

The next ad hoc meeting will be at the Stapleton Red Lion, 830a-6p. The
agenda will include:

o resolving remaining open issues and proposed changes to rev 0.2
  - FC-PH version used
  - "Exchange" vs "ULP" resources and P_RJT vs Task Set Full
  - Half Duplex OPN vs Full Duplex with zero BB_Credit offerred
  - Error recovery and Target-initiated ABTS
  - LIP (F8,F7), LIP (F7,AL_PS), and LIP(F8,AL_PS) usage
  - pinouts
  - TX eye diagram 

o brief update on external cable/connector issues

o review of rev 0.3 draft (typo corrections)

o Introduction to Open loop profile concepts:
  - Scope and objectives
  - Class of service and ACK model
  - Expected differences between closed and open loop drives

o plus anything else you have in mind...

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