OOPS! Wrong date.

Steve Finch TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at vax2t.tus.ssi1.com
Mon Jun 27 08:58:23 PDT 1994

Sorry to all for both the possible confusion and this extra message.

In my notice that the ATA-2 Rev 2d proposed working draft was available on 
the SCSI BBS, I incorrectly stated the date of the next meeting as June 28.  
This is incorrect, it should have been June 29 at the Western Digital 
office in Irvine.

I have been asked to place the ATA-2 Rev2d document on an FTP site.  This 
is fine with me, but I don't have access to FTP.  Sorry, could someone else 
move it (like the owner of the FTP site)?

I have also been asked to make a version of the document available without 
change bars and crossouts to indicate changes.  My answer is:  if you can 
print it you probably have Word and if you have Word you can easily remove 
the change bars yourself:  Edit, Select All; Tools, Revision Marks, Accept 

See you on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29.

Steve Finch, Silicon Systems.

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