ATA-2 Rev2d Now Available

Steve Finch TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at
Fri Jun 24 13:20:27 PDT 1994

I just finished uploading the ATA-2 Rev 2d proposed draft standard to the 
SCSI BBS.  I finally got it done, and I appologize for being late.

The file is 0948DR2D.DOC.  It is a Word for Windows 2.0 document.  It can 
be found on the SCSI BBS  (719-574-0424) in the ATA directory.  The 
document has changes noted by change bars, cross thru of deleted text, and 
underlined new text.

I will bring hardcopies with me to the ATA Working Group meeting on June 
28, at the Western Digital facility in Irvine.

See you there,

Steve Finch.
5723283 at
PH:  714 573-6808
FX:  714 573-6916

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