FCP meeting scheduled for June 20, 1994

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at eng.sun.com
Thu Jun 16 18:37:46 PDT 1994

There is an FCP meeting scheduled for 5-8 pm on June 20, 1994
at the Sofitel in Minneapolis.  I believe that essentially all
of the outstanding issues on FCP have been properly resolved by
the comment resolutions and by the draft revision 8b.

While I do not expect the meeting to make any significant changes in the
resolutions or the document, the meeting will be held.  I expect
that the most important part of the meeting will be an informal
tutorial.  Do not take any special steps to attend the meeting,
but if you are there we will be glad to discuss FCP and any concerns
you may have about the document.  If no one shows up, I will go
watch Brasil beat Russia.

If significant issues arise, they will be circulated, discussed,
and if possible resolved by e-mail.

Proposed Agenda:

	Introductory comments and introduction of attendees.

	Formulate and modify agenda.

	Discuss resolutions proposed by document X3T10/109

	Discuss resolutions proposed by e-mail for additional concerns

	Provide short tutorial about FCP if desired


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