Error code list for SCSI-3 SCC RAID device model

Doug Hagerman "serve::hagerman" at
Fri Jun 17 07:18:34 PDT 1994

                                                        X3T10/94-024 Rev 4
        To:    John Lohmeyer
               Chairman, ANSI X3T10 (SCSI)

        From:  Doug Hagerman
               Digital Equipment Corporation
               SHR 3-2/W3
               334 South Street
               Shrewsbury, MA  01545
        Phone: 508-841-2145
        FAX:   508-841-6100
        Mail:  hagerman at
        Date:  17 June 1994

        Subject: Error Handling for SCSI Controllers

        This list contains the current error codes under
        consideration for the SCSI RAID model.  The long list was
        trimmed at the May meeting by combining and rearranging some
        codes to arrive at the list shown below. The total number of
        new codes is now 21.

        I still think we have gone overboard on combining codes, but
        will defer discussion until George issues the first version
        of the combined document.

        I won't be at the June meeting because of cost concerns
        within Digital.

        xxh  00h            A  Command to Logical Unit Failed
        5Dh  01h            A  Logical Unit Failure
        5Dh  02h            A  Timeout on Logical Unit
        xxh  00h            A  Configuration Failure
        xxh  01h            A  Configuration of Incapable Logical
                                Units Failed
        xxh  02h            A  Add Logical Unit Failed
        xxh  03h            A  Modification of Logical Unit Failed
        xxh  04h            A  Exchange of Logical Unit Failed
        xxh  05h            A  Remove of Logical Unit Failed
        xxh  06h            A  Attachment of Logical Unit Failed
        xxh  07h            A  Creation of Logical Unit Failed
        xxh  00h            A  Logical Unit not configured
        xxh  00h            A  Data Loss on Logical Unit
        xxh  01h            A  Multiple Logical Unit Failures
        xxh  02h            A  PARITY/DATA MISMATCH
        04h  05h            A  Logical Unit Not Ready, REBUILD IN
        04h  06h            A  Logical Unit Not Ready, RECALCULATION
                                IN PROGRESS
        xxh  xxh            A  INFORMATIONAL, REFER TO LOG
        xxh  xxh            A  REDUNDANCY LEVEL GOT BETTER
        xxh  xxh            A  REDUNDANCY LEVEL GOT WORSE
        xxh  xxh            A  STATE CHANGE HAS OCCURRED

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