SCSI-2 Plus

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at
Mon Jun 13 06:26:10 PDT 1994

I would have preferred to deal with this question privately, but since it has
already been on the reflector, I will respond on the reflector.
The SCSI-2 Plus is an internal, Company Private, design specification. It is
private because it is a requirement placed upon the designers including what
not to do, includes items that may not be in specific products, and is not
sanitized for outside consumption. The sanitized version is available in the
form of product specifications.
As to it being some new form of SCSI-2, not really. SCSI-2, as will SCSI-3,
allows the implementation of new features defined by the standards organization
subsequent to forwarding of the specific standard.
SCSI-2 Plus includes SCSI-2 (disc only), less the B cable, plus SPI and other
key SCSI-3 disc proposals accepted for SCSI-3, including the P cable, an
expanded mandatory list for Seagate, and specification of all Seagate Unique
(vendor specific) but not all Customer Specials. I am responsible for it. The
current version is electronic only and paper copies are not sanctioned. I will
talk to you about it and will arrange for you to obtain Product Specifications
but will decline any requests for a copy of SCSI-2 Plus.
I assume this clears up the mystery.
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