Missing Documents

LJLamers at aol.com LJLamers at aol.com
Thu Jun 9 22:01:58 PDT 1994

June 9, 1994

Folks - The following document numbers have been requested by the
the listed authors - the authors have failed to provide those
documents.  These documents are needed for the mailing immediately.

X3T10/94-048R0  Data Integrity Proposal                                 
T. Hanan    

X3T10/94-052R0  Proposed Change to Mode 4 T0 definition and diagrams    
T. Hanan    

X3T10/94-056R0  DRQ Timing on Last Data Transfer                        
T. Hanan    

X3T10/94-065R2  Master/Slave Handshaking                                
H. Landis   

X3T10/94-073R0  Minutes of CAM Working Group- 3/14/94                   
B. Dallas   

X3T10/94-086R0  Minutes of SSP Study Group - 3/94                       
J. Scheible 

X3T10/94-089R0  Handling High Capacity Drives                           
H. Landis   

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