Ultra SCSI capacitance - ag

Jim McGrath jmcgrath at qntm.com
Thu Jun 9 18:04:45 PDT 1994

                      Subject:                              Time:  5:39 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Ultra SCSI capacitance - again        Date:  6/9/94

I read Larry's minutes of our last meeting, and was shocked to see the device
capacitance once again changed to 20 pF from 25 pF.  I realize that I was
stepping in and out of the room, but I did not notice that change.

Once again, Quantum's official position is that no data we have seen compels
us to go with 20 pF - 1.5m cables and 8 devices work fine, 3 m and 4 devices
also work fine.  In practice, desktop systems using Ultra SCSI drives will
probably have old SCSI devices at 25 pF on them anyway, and we are convinced
that 20 pF will cost our desktop customers money that they are not willing to
spend for no reason.

I am getting really pissed off at revisiting this issue, especially since we
see this urge to 20 pF as not being supported by any technical data we have


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