SSA Electrical Interface WG Agenda - June 28, 1994

Bill Ham DTN 237-2629, SHR3-2/W8 ham at
Wed Jun 8 14:51:22 PDT 1994

(Possible duplicate -- trouble with the SCSI reflector)

	SSA Electrical Interface Working Group Draft Agenda:

From:	  Bill Ham, Digital Equipment
	  Ph 508 841-2629
	  Fx 508 841-5266
	  Ham at

Location: Western Digital Corp (Tak Asami host)
	  8105 Irvine Center Drive
          Irvine, CA 92718

Date:	  June 28, 1994 9AM to 3:30PM (PDT)

Background:  This is the third meeting of this group since it was 
recognized that the present SSA standard needs some additions in the 
referenced area.  Specifically, the following areas constitute the 
electrical interface:

		SSA transceiver specifications
		External cable shielding and grounding
		Common mode levels between enclosures
		External isolating interfaces (electrical/optical)

	Previous meetings have explored these areas to varing degrees 
with the general result that additions to the existing document are 

	This meeting is intended as a dedicated working session that 
produces specific proposals for document changes.  These proposals will 
be submitted for approval at the July plenary.

 Agenda	Topics:   Pulse mask specifications for SSA drivers

		  SSA receiver specifications


		  Revised wording for the line fault function

		  Review of the P1394 transfer impedance specification 
                  for EMI performance for application to SSA

		  External isolation architecture (electrical/optical)

		  Line by line review of revised sections 7.5, 7.6, and 
                  affected parts of section 7.7
	The proposals developed will reflect the inputs of those present
at the meeting and other material received prior to the meeting. 



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