Latest revision of Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at
Mon Jun 6 19:59:51 PDT 1994

To:	Distribution

From:	Bob Snively

Subject:	Availability of latest revision of FCP

The latest post-script version of the Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI
(X3T10/993D, Revision 8b) has now been posted to the ftp

Log in as anonymous.

Use your internet address as your guest password.

Do a command 

		cd pub/fibrechannel

You may then obtain the following files by using the command

		get filename

Where filename may be:	The post script file for the FCP, Revision 8b	The post script file for the formal response to
			the comments made on FCP Revision 8.  The
			corrections indicated by these responses are
			contained in FCP, Revision 8b.

Leave ftp by typing


The unix commands cd (change directory) and ls -l (list directory) work under ftp

Good luck

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