Key issues for SPC

Gerry Houlder Gerry_Houlder at
Mon Jun 6 13:54:17 PDT 1994

(A) In your INQUIRY command description, I don't see the TranDis bit present in
byte 7. This is part of the TTD/CIOP message proposal, which doesn't seem to be
listed in your revision information section. I hope you will add this.
 At the moment this bit is only used in conjunction with SIP, but the Fiber
Channel group here at Seagate is currently talking about needing to support a
"data holdoff" mechanism equivalent to TTD. I believe this issue will be
brought to the June 20 FCP meeting if Bob Snively doesn't cancel it.
(B) Also in INQUIRY, I believe the MChnger bit (byte 6, bit 6) is in a location
that could conflict with the Dual Port proposal. I think that proposal only
defines bits 5 & 4, but bits 6 & 7 were desired as expansion for devices that
have up to 8 ports. Bit 5 alone only allows for 2 ports. Moving the MChanger
bit to bit 3 could solve this if that bit isn't already taken.
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