Announcement of availability of Single Connector Attachment (SCA) document

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at
Fri Jun 3 07:24:15 PDT 1994

To:		Distribution

From:		Bob Snively
		Sun Microsystems
		bob.snively at

Date:		June 3, 1994

Subject:	Single Connector Attachment (SCA) document, SFF-8015

Revision 3.1 of the SCA document, updated June 3, 1994, has been
placed in the ftp server:

You may obtain the relevant files by ftp, logging in as


and using your full e-mail name at address as your password.

The files are stored in the directory:


The following files are included:

	README.txt	This letter
	SCAR3-1.txt	The entire text of the SCA document, including
			all tables, dimensions, and pinouts, but not
			including the figures.	The post-script representation of the SCA
			document, including all tables, dimensions,
			pinouts, diagrams, and figures.

Revision 3.1 updates the dimensioning and tolerancing to 
reflect the latest understanding of Sun, Seagate, and Conner,
the primary sponsors of the document.  Please bring to my
attention any discrepancies or problems you find in the document.

The document describes two acceptable locations for the SCA
connectors, indicating that one of the locations is preferred.
It is expected that new designs should strive to use the
preferred location.  This change from the original SCA
documents is important to facilitate interoperability of
peripherals and enclosures and to reduce end-user costs.

A future revision of SFF-8015 or a new SFF document will indicate
the proper use of future advanced hot-plugging connectors that
will allow 2000 insertions instead of the present 500 and will
allow Case 4 (dynamic) hot plugging while retaining back
compatibility with previous Single Connector Attachment drives
and backplanes.

The SCA documents are also available through the ENDL fax-back service
provided through ENDL Associates at 408-867-6630.

If none of these mechanisms works for you, I can provide
a snail-mail copy of the document for you, although my schedule
may not permit a prompt response.

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