SPI Tolerances

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>From our point of view at Future Domain:

After all those arguments we still agree with the original complaint. The
failure to allow real-world designs to be "compliant" and still achieve a 10
MB/s transfer rate -- which was the intention of Fast SCSI -- is a deficiency
in the spec, and the spec should be repaired. Why should we have to negotiate
to an artificial (and possibly illegal) rate of X-4 ns, just so the other
manufacturer's device knows its OK to use his data transfer rate of X ns +/-
some tolerance that only he knows? The other side of the coin leads to the
same conclusion: If I have a 40 MHz crystal with a finite tolerance, then the
spec as it is written means I'll have to settle for a rate of 8 MB/s, since
dividing the clock by four risks exceeding the limit by some minute quantity.
This is a 20% penalty, not a 4% penalty!

Richard Moore, Future Domain Corporation
internet: richard at fdc.mhs.compuserve.com

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