Reserve & Release in SCSI-3 Primary Commands

Ralph Weber -- VMS -- ZKO3-4/U14 weber at
Thu Jun 2 13:22:55 PDT 1994

> Regarding Gene Milligan's comments:

I don't have time now to review your Ralph's) text. Beyond <<>> have you
intentionally made technical changes not included in the previously accepted 
10 byte Reserve and Release proposal?
> The LongID bit in the RESERVE(10)/RELEASE(10) and everything associated
> with it is new.
As far as <<>> is concerned I disagree with << PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL
(...),>> By specific committee decision these commands are to pass through
> PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL is not described in the SPC.  The removal
> is based on the absence of the command in the SPC.  The sentence:
>    "The individual command standards (SBC, SSC, SGC, etc.) may define
>    other specific commands that are permissable while there is a
>    reservations from another initiator."
> is intended to cover cases such as PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL.
<< the next command from
      each initiator shall be terminated with CHECK CONDITION status
      and the sense key shall be set to UNIT ATTENTION>>. appears to be out of
context. Did some text slip on the floor or is it in the wrong place?
> I think that the text:
>     "the next command for each initiator..."
> is an attempt to define the behavior of UNIT ATTENTION.  Such a definition
> is inappropriate in the SPC.  Therefore, I have proposed deleting the
> offending text.
> Thanks.
> Ralph::

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