Proposal for Control Mechanism for Reserved Handling

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at
Thu Jun 2 10:19:08 PDT 1994

In order to avoid further confusion, you should modify your proposal to start
with the SCSI-3 Control Mode Page rather than the SCSI-2 Control Mode Page. You
will find the SCSI-3 CMP in 90-168R2.
I think the DRC bit should be moved over to be next to the RAC bit to leave
room next to the AEN bits until the Reserved bits are all used up. This would
have the minor benefit of being able to add an AEN oriented bit systematically.
>The target may perform checking of reserved code values or may map reserved
code values >into supported code values, at its discretion.
This portion of your proposal troubles me. Does the first part mean that a
target may accept DRC=1 and interpret it as DRC=0 except for DRC?
Does the second part mean shall ignore the value of Reserved bits  or does in
have some more convoluted meaning?
Otherwise I find your proposal very constructive and could support it. I am
assuming both DRC=1 and DRC=0 would be optional.
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