SCSI-3 Block Commands

Thomas Tewell thomas.tewell at
Thu Jul 28 14:58:52 PDT 1994

Hi there. My name is Thomas "Rick" Tewell and I am currently editing
the SCSI-3 Block Commands document. I have a few questions for the

1. Should we divide the document into "sections" such as General
Block Commands, Commands for Direct Access Devices, Commands for
Write-Once Devices and Commands for Optical Memory Devices -OR-
should we simply annotate each command with the differences between
the device types. The former will result in a "larger" document with
some duplication the latter will result in a "smaller" document but
be somewhat messy for those wishing to extract data for a specific
device type?

2. Should there be any verbage describing suggested action to be
taken when optional bit(s) are set in the CDB of a mandatory command?

3. Is there any interest in adding a definition for an optional
Scatter Write/Gathered Read command to speed up the access of
'logically tied' blocks of data on a device that might be physically
disjoint on the media. This would allow for very quick reading and
writing of fragmented files on the disk.

Any and all input is encouraged!

Thomas "Rick" Tewell

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