July FC Direct Disk Attach Ad Hoc Meeting Minutes

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at eng.sun.com
Wed Jul 27 18:52:38 PDT 1994

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From:		Bob Snively

Date:		07/28/94

Subject:	Re:  July FC Direct Disk Attach Ad Hoc Meeting Minutes

I have the following feedback with respect to the decisions
described in the minutes:


> 7. Target-Initiated ABTS

A recent discussion re-opened the requirement for Target Initiated
ABTS.  The function is presently required by the FCP, Revision 8b.
FCP-compliant initiators depend on that function for clean, robust, and timely
recovery of certain errors as well as the proper execution of
task management functions.

Either FCP must be significantly modified, forcing initiators to take
complete command of all SCSI recovery functions and all FC-PH
exchange resource recovery functions, or the targets must
accept the tightly defined, limited, and simple to implement
capability of performing target initiated ABTS when required.
You can hardly tell which option I prefer.

Note that the implementors of FCP disk drives are seriously
considering including the capability of providing initiator
function for RAID-5 support functions.  These functions would
require the targets to take on all the increased initiator
functionality that would be required by a change to FCP.


> 8. SCSI Commands

> READ CAPACITY            Y        N

This function should continue to be required, since it is the
simplest and most general mechanism for determining
performance boundaries and total capacity.

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