Dal Allan dal at
Wed Jul 27 10:25:44 PDT 1994

          To:    SCSI membership

I have been told that after the plenary is a less-than-deterministic time to 
plan a memorial dinner, because we would be unable to commit to a specific 
time. The alternative suggestion was Tuesday night, when there is the least 
conflict in the week. Until further advice, we will plan on Tuesday evening. 

There have been requests for the address where cards can be sent to express 
sympathy to Linda. Bill and Linda have been using the ranch as a weekender 
for years, but did not relocate completely until earlier this year. Here is 
the address:

          Linda Spence
          POB 1197
          TX 76936

For packages or delivery by UPS, the address is:

          Spence Ranch 
          Hwy 190  10m East
          TX 76936


     NOTE: Internet is only available in my office and my provider is going 
     through a shakeup, so to reach me at all times please do not use the 
     REPLY TO: address. Instead, respond to:

            250-1752 at  or dal_allan at

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