Dal Allan dal at
Mon Jul 25 10:09:03 PDT 1994

It is with deep regret that I write this email.

Last week, when I checked my voicemail following the SCSI plenary I learned 
that Bill Spence is no longer with us. Bill passed away while on vacation 
with his wife's family in Michigan. Linda is staying with relatives before 
returning to the ranch. 

This is not only the loss of a friend to all who knew him, but even to those 
of you who use SCSI but never met him. Bill was the driving force behind the 
improvements that were made to single ended operation, and are documented 
today in SPI.

Bill lived in Texas, and our next meeting is in Houston. I thought that some 
of us might get together for an evening for a memorial dinner where we can 
tell stories and reminisce about Bill. His presence will stay with all of 
us, and this is a way we can share our memories of a fine individual. 


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P.S. Could those of you who will be in Houston and want to attend please 
send me a private email so that I can get an idea on the number of people 
involved. I will co-ordinate with host Bill Galloway on arrangements. There 
are conflicts every evening in the week except Thursday, after the plenary. 

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