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Fri Jul 15 07:19:13 PDT 1994

                                    Document Number X3T10/94-144R0

Date:     July 15, 1994

To:       Mr. John Lohmeyer, Chairman, X3T10

From:     Mr. Ken Cummings, IBM, Tucson

Subject:  Request for a New ASC/ASCQ Code

This request is for a set of ASC/ASCQ codes that describe the actions
applicable to data magazines, defined here to be "a removable collection
of storage cells".  A magazine may be designed  for the transportation
and storage of tape cartridges or cassettes, or diskettes: optical or
magnetic.  A magazine may be inserted into, or removed from, a medium
changer logical unit.  The magazine may be empty, partially full, or
completely full, when inserted into or removed from the medium changer
logical unit.  The medium in the magazine may be used, partially used,
or unused when inserted into or removed from the medium changer logical
unit.  Magazines may be locked or unlocked for loading/ unloading,
security,  transportation, etc..

These ASC codes are appropriate for a Medium Changer device type.  They
may also be used in any removable storage medium  device type.

               D - Direct Access Device
               . T - Sequential Access Device
               . . L - Printer Device
               . . . P - Processor Device
               . . . . W - Write Once Read Multiple Device
               . . . . . R - Read Only (CD-ROM) Device
               . . . . . . S - Scanner Device
               . . . . . . . O - Optical Memory Device
               . . . . . . . . M - Media Changer Device
               . . . . . . . . . C - Communication Device
               . . . . . . . . . .
     ASC ASCQ  D T L P W R S O M C Description
     xxh  00h  D T     W R   O M    MAGAZINE STATE
     xxh  01h  D T     W R   O M    MAGAZINE NOT ACCESSABLE
     xxh  02h  D T     W R   O M    MAGAZINE REMOVED
     xxh  03h  D T     W R   O M    MAGAZINE INSERTED
     xxh  04h  D T     W R   O M    MAGAZINE LOCKED
     xxh  05h  D T     W R   O M    MAGAZINE UNLOCKED

The ASC/ASCQ code, MAGAZINE STATEt(xxh 00h), sumarizes the codes below
it.  The MAGAZINE NOT ACCESSABLE indicates that the device cannot access
the magazine.  MAGAZINE REMOVED indicates that the device sensed that
the magazine was there and now has been removed, or, the device was
asked to access an address that is within its proper address range, but
the magazine is not there at this time.  MAGAZINE INSERTED indicates
that a magazine that was not installed is now installed.  MAGAZINE
LOCKED indicates that a lockable magazine is locked when it must be
unlocked for the command, and MAGAZINE UNLOCKED indicates that a
magazine has been asked to perform a command that requires the magazine
be locked before executing the command..

Please address your comments to me:

Ken Cummings
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(602) 799-2182

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