GPP Revised Project Proposal Letter Ballot Results

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Tue Jul 12 13:21:11 PDT 1994

GPP Revised Project Proposal Letter Ballot Results: 45:3:0:12 = 60

No: ENDL, Exabyte, FSI

Did not respond: Amdahl, Circuit Assembly Corp, CMD Technology, Interphase,
                 Molex, National Semiconductor, Oak Technology, Quantum,
                 Samsung Semiconductor, Sony, Sun Microsystems, Thomas & Betts



GPP has been a project for several years, with the purpose of supporting 
SCSI in a variety of generic applications. 

There has been no observable market confusion. What there has been is 
irritation within the committee over comments made by the GPP editor in 
promoting GPP as an alternative to SSP and SBP and FCP. These are internal 
committee issues which would have been more properly addressed by rewriting 
the scope. 

There have been several opportunities to review GPP but those who recently 
took a stand opposing it as a standard were not active in the process of 
review. Despite the lack of broad participation, it was agreed that the 
content of GPP is technically sound and complete. 

This action sets the unwelcome precedent of tacitly encouraging members in 
the minority to contribute significant time and effort and then denying them 
the purpose of their work, a standard. 

Either the value of GPP should have been questioned long ago, or the 
document should have been allowed to continue as a dpANS. 


The procedure of approving a project and waiting until it is almost complete
to remove its project status seems to be a bad way of doing business.  I 
object to this procedure.  Therefore, I must vote NO.

My voting NO on forwarding this converted proposal for GPP is not indicative
of a position on the content, validity, or usefulness of GPP.


Please see document, X3T10/94-___, for this comment.  It consists of a 
presentation detailing the relative performance of FCP, GPP, and SIP and it
concludes that GPP is faster than FCP and SIP.

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