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jlohmeyer at ccmgate1bb.FTCollinsCO.NCR.COM jlohmeyer at ccmgate1bb.FTCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Tue Jul 12 07:57:25 PDT 1994

I've added the following agenda items to the SCSI working group agenda per a
request from Ken Cummings:

6.11) "Format Proposal for SADs - X3T10/94-142R0"
       Requests an 04x op code to be used in formatting sequential
       access medium.

6.12) "Request for New Density Codes for Sequential Access Medium
       - X3T10/94-143R0"
       Request for one density code for the 3490E medium;
       and two additional density codes for unannounced products.

6.13) "Request for a New ASC/ASCQ Code - X3T10/94-144R0"
       Requests an ASC/ASCQ code for removable magazines for Medium
       Changer devices.


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