Multi-Media SCSI-2 Demo Thursday Morning Bedford, NH

jlohmeyer at ccmgate1bb.FTCollinsCO.NCR.COM jlohmeyer at ccmgate1bb.FTCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Mon Jul 11 10:45:03 PDT 1994

         Janet Burnham-Sauter of Global Engineering Documents will be
         present at the Bedford, NH X3T10 meetings to demonstrate a
         new product concept that Global is considering:  Electronic
         multimedia documents (essentially hypertext).  She will have
         initial versions of some of our documents, including SCSI-2.

         The demo will take place Thursday morning, July 21, from
         10:00 am until noon.  Please stop by during that time to see
         for yourself.  The product is a Windows (tm) application that
         works much like the Windows help system.

         The plan is to offer a subscription service that would
         include periodic document updates on CDROM.  For this
         purpose, I am requesting that the document editors bring
         electronic copies of their mostly-recently distributed
         documents to the meeting next week.  Janet will take these
         back for conversion.

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