ATA Meetings and Tom Hanan's suggestion

Steve Finch TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at
Thu Jul 7 08:09:37 PDT 1994

I prefer to receive information, complaints, etc. from people about meeting 
locations and would prefer all to see these comments.  Please do not send 
to one person and allow possible filtering of information.  

I believe it is ANSI policy to distribute meetings geographically.  In the 
past, we have had mostly volunteers to host from the Bay Area in 
California, but recently we have had volunteers from other locals.  
Recently, we have also had a lack of volunteers for the Bay Area.  The 
result is that the tentative schedule has been described.

Remember that the final schedule is what is authorized by X3T10, not the 
working group although the working group has a very significant voice in 
the matter.

My questions are:

Are there Bay Area volunteers?

Who, besides Jim McGrath, object to geographic distribution of meetings?

Who would object to Bay Area only locations?

Please, voice over the reflector as this is an ATA subject.


My personal opinion goes for geographic distribution.  It helps me as I 
visit customers through out the country and I always schedule visits to 
customers when traveling to these meetings, killing two stones with one 
bird (so to speak).

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