ATA-2 Working Group Meet

Jim McGrath jmcgrath at
Wed Jul 6 12:22:16 PDT 1994

        Reply to:   RE>ATA-2 Working Group Meetings

The problem Jeff, is that spreading out standards meetings
to different locations "to get more engineers involved" does
not work.  What happens is that some people from that location,
who otherwise would not come to the meeting, come to that one
meeting.  Since they are not familiar with the previous work done,
and will not be there for subsequent meetings, they usually cannot
contribute very well.  The result is a SMALLER core of commited
people attending all the meetings and doing all the work (and
making all the decisions) - not, in my experience, an improvement.

ATA-2 at this point does not require any "brainstorming" - where
getting a low more inpout from other people who have not been
involved is valuable.  Rather, it requires some detailed, painstaking,
line by line review and discussion - something the new method will
probably not promote.  For the first stages of ATA-3 that may be
appropriate, but our first priority is to close out ATA-2 as quickly
as possible.


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