Minutes of X3T10 SCC Working Group Meeting - June 21, 1994

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Mon Jul 4 08:10:40 PDT 1994

Accredited Standards Committee
X3, Information Processing Systems
                                                   Doc. No.: X3T10/94-138r0
                                                       Date:  June 21, 1994
                                                    Project:          1047D
                                                  Ref. Doc.:
                                                   Reply to:     G. Penokie

To:        Membership of X3T10

From:      George Penokie and Larry Lamers

Subject:   Minutes of X3T10 SCC Working Group Meeting - June 21, 1994


1. Opening Remarks
2. Attendance and Membership
3. Approval of Agenda
4. Report on last RAID Working Group
5. Update on proposed working draft
6. SDA Model  (94-040r5) Penokie
7. SDA States and Types (94-041r5) Penokie
8. SDA Commands and Mode Pages (94-042r5)
9. RAID 5 support on Disk Drives (94-111r1) Houlder
10. Action Items
11. Meeting Schedule

12. Adjournment

                               Results of Meeting

1.      Opening Remarks

George Penokie convened the meeting at 9:00 am, Tuesday, June 21, 1994.  He
thanked Jim Hamstra of Stanatek for hosting the meeting.

As is customary, the people attending introduced themselves.  A copy of the
attendance list was circulated for attendance and corrections.

It was stated that the meeting had been authorized by X3T10 and would be
conducted under the X3 rules.  Working group meetings take no final actions,
but prepare recommendations for approval by the X3T10 task group.  The voting
rules for the meeting are those of the parent committee, X3T10.  These rules
are:  one vote per company; and any participating company member may vote.

The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the SCSI BBS and the SCSI
Reflector and will be included in the next committee mailing.

George stated that this is the 20th meeting of the RAID study group and the 7th
joint RAID Advisory Board/RAID working group meeting.

George stated that this is the first X3T10 SCC working group.  The purpose of
the group is to deal with interface issues related to using RAIDs.  The study
group will assess the issues and then formulate a strategy for dealing with

2.      Attendance and Membership

Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum attendance
requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings are open to any
person or company to attend and to express their opinion on the subjects
being discussed.

RAID Study Group Meeting Attendees

Attendee          Company             Email Address
----------------  ------------------  -------------------------------
Larry Lamers      Adaptec             ljlamers at aol.com
Jerry Fredin      AT&T/GIS            jerry fredin at wichitaks.ncr.com
Allan Cole        Core International  73532.1636 at compuserve.com
Bill Hutchinson   HP                  hutch at boi.hp.com
George Penokie    IBM                 gop at rchvmp3.vnet.ibm.com
David Fellinger   Mega Drived         fellinger at u1201.megadrive.com
Gerry Houlder     Seagate Technology  gerry_houlder at notes.seagate.com
Jay Elrod         Seagate Technology  jay_elrod at notes.seagate.com
Markus Paschmann  Siemans ECB

3.      Approval of Agenda

The agenda developed at the meeting was approved.

4.      Report on last RAID Working Group

Last RAID Working Group was held in Bellevue, WA.  Several members of the RAID
Advisory Board were present.  George stated that the minutes of the Bellevue,
WA meeting have been published on the SCSI Reflector.

5.      Update on proposed working draft

George Penokie reported that he has started work on a proposed working draft
for the SCC document.  This working draft incorporates the addressing, model,
states & types, and command documents that were developed by the study group.

George noted that a terminology change is in progress to remove 'lui' as it is
confusing to folks outside the group.  The thing is a logical unit; the address
of the thing is logical unit number.  The term 'lui' referred to the thing;
these things are volume sets, redundancy groups, spares, peripheral device, and
component device.

6.      SDA Model  (94-040r5) Penokie

Replace "issued to the SCA" with correct wording.  It leaves the impression
that only commands issued to a physical device would return the error and this
is not the case.

7.      SDA States and Types (94-041r5) Penokie

George reviewed the changes incorporated into the revision 5 document.  A new
state was added 'invalidated protected space' to indicate that the protected
space is no longer intact.  The not supported state reported the wording will
be changed to indicate that it is not possible to configure the redundancy

DACL and ITTU states have been added.

8.      SDA Commands and Mode Pages (94-042r5)

Two new commands, REPORT STATES service action and INSTRUCT C-LUI service
action have been added.

The REPORT STATES SERVICE ACTION command uses the replacement wording for
'lui'.  The command returns the all the state information for the logical unit.

The INSTRUCT C-LUI service action is a maintenance out that enables a host to
turn the C-LUI on and off.

A new set of rebuild types (table 59) was included.  Three options are defined
that represent the agreement from the last meeting.

The verify lba check data was updated to combine the bit definitions into a
field and clarified the actions.

A long discussion resulted in a change of definition for ITTU to state that the
selected C_Lui is the reporting C_Lui.

George did a command by command review of the changes to the command set.  The
goal is to have a first draft of the assembled document at the next meeting.

9.      RAID 5 support on Disk Drives (94-111r1) Houlder

Gerry Houlder presented a command set for supporting RAID 5.  The command set
requires that each disk drive support the initiator role.  Functions within
the commands support regeneration, including the XOR operations.  As a result
the host workload is reduced.

Gerry requested that everyone think about the error recovery operations and the
depth needed.

10.     Action Items

a)George Penokie to prepare a draft of the SCC document.

11.     Meeting Schedule

The next meeting of the X3T10 SCC working group is planned for July 19, 1994 at
the Sheraton Tara Wayfarer hotel in Bedford, NH.  The meeting is scheduled to
run from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

12.     Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.  on Tuesday, June 21, 1994

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