FCP Revision 8 is available

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at eng.sun.com
Wed Jan 26 18:00:35 PST 1994

The Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI, FCP Revision 8, has been
completed and will be included in the X3T10 mailing.  I believe
it has included all the resolutions agreed to by e-mail and in
the committee meeting and has corrected all known editorial
problems.  It is expected that this revision will be balloted
for forwarding by X3T10.

Copies will be available at the Februrary plenary of X3T11.

For those with access to the internet, the document is available
in post-script format on the ftp server:


in the directory:


by the name:


If you do not have access to internet, then you may request a 
postscript copy from me and I will try to send it to you electronically
(as a very very large piece of e-mail) ASAP.

Bob Snively

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