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Gentlemen - Included below are the prelimary minutes of the ATA working group 
held in San Diego.

Accredited Standards Committee
X3, Information Processing Systems
                                                  Doc. No.: X3T10/94-012R0
                                                  Date: January 21, 1994
                                                  Ref. Doc.:
                                                  Reply to: S. Finch
To:    Membership of X3T9.2

From:  Lamers/Finch

Subject:  Minutes of X3T9.2 ATA Disk Drive Working Group November 8,1993


1.Openning Remarks                                         2
2.Attendance and Membership, Introductions                 2
3.Approval of Agenda                                       2
4.Document Distribution                                    2
5.Report on X3T9.2 ATA Working Group Meeting,  December 8, 1993
6.Old Business                                             2
     6.1  ATA DMA Issues (Landis)                          2
     6.2  Download of Microcode (McGrath)                  2
     6.3  20 MB/s Issues                                   2
     6.4  16 MB/s Issues                                   2
7.New Business                                             3
     7.1  ATA-3 Project Proposals                          3
     7.2  ATA Reflector                                    3
     7.3  Master Slave Hardware Issues                     3
     7.4  Modeless ATA timings                             3
8.Review of X3T9.2/948D (ATA-2)                            3
     8.1  Activites centered on 528 Mb Limitations         3
9.Meeting Schedule                                         3
10.Adjournment                                             4
                       Results of Meeting

1.Openning Remarks

Steve Finch convened the meeting at 1:00 pm.  Steve thanked  Rich
Bailly of Vitro for hosting the meeting.

As  is customary, the people attending introduced themselves.   A
copy  of  the  attendance list was circulated for attendance  and

It  was stated that the meeting had been authorized by X3T9.2 and
would  be conducted under the X3 rules.  Ad hoc meetings take  no
final  actions, but prepare recommendations for approval  by  the
X3T9.2 task group.  The voting rules for the meeting are those of
the  parent  committee, X3T9.2.  These rules are:  one  vote  per
company; and any participating company member may vote.

The  minutes of this meeting will be posted to the SCSI  BBS  and
the  SCSI  Reflector and will be included in the  next  committee

2.   Attendance and Membership, Introductions

Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward
minimum attendance requirements for X3T9.2 membership.  Working
group meetings are open to any person or company to attend and to
express their opinion on the subjects being discussed.

The following people attended the meeting.

NOTE:  The attendance list seems to have disappeared so there is
not a list included.

3.   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as proposed.

4.   Document Distribution

Several pieces of new paper were handed out but none of the
authors had requested document numbers.

5.   Report on X3T9.2 ATA Working Group Meeting,  December 8,

Not supplied.

6.   Old Business

6.1  ATA DMA Issues (Landis)

Hale will update the document and distribute it.

6.2  Download of Microcode (McGrath)

Jim McGrath not present; deferred.

6.3  20 MB/s Issues

Not discussed.

6.4  16 MB/s Issues
This issue was brought up by John Masciewicz at the last meeting.
It will be revised and presented at the January 28 meeting to
determine the level of consensus.  An SFF information bulletin is
being considered.

7.   New Business

7.1  ATA-3 Project Proposals
Steve Finch presented five project proposals for ATA standards.

7.2  ATA Reflector
How to identify issues and reach consensus on resolution via

Information regarding subscribing to the reflector can be had by
contacting Tom Hanan at Western Digital.  hanan_t at a1.wdc.com.

Tom stated that sequential numbering is not yet a feature of the
Majordomo software.

Subscribe by sending a message to "majordom at dt.wdc.com".  The
message should contain a single line as follows:
subscribe ata your.email.address.

Larry Lamers requested that signature files be used by everyone.

The address of the reflector is "ata at dt.wdc.com".

7.3  Master Slave Hardware Issues

Hale talked about the master-slave issues.  Hale will repost the
proposad changes to Annex A and B.  These annexes can be
misinterpreted by folks that do not have a background in PC
architecure.  These changes attempt to clarify when a drive is
ready to accept a command.

7.4  Modeless ATA timings

Tom Hanan presented a paper summarizing the reasons why modeless
ATA timings are not an acceptable idea.

8.   Review of X3T9.2/948D (ATA-2)

Steve Finch stated that the group should focus on completing ATA-
2 in an expeditious fashion so that the group could focus on ATA-

Richard Kalish moved and Larry Lamers seconded that a
recommendation be made to X3T10 that revision 2 be accepted as
the working draft for project 948D.  The motion failed 4:7.

8.1  Activites centered on 528 Mb Limitations

Seagate kicked off an industy wide effort at Fall Comdex to
resolve the addressing and capacity issues.  There were a lot of
folks in attendance at that meeting and a good start was made.
However the issue  affects a broader constituency than just the
membership of ATA/SFF.  Further work is expected to fine tune a

9.   Meeting Schedule

January 28, 1994 -  Crown Sterling Suites in Milpitas, CA.

February 23, 1994 - TBD.

There was a discussion on finding a more appropriate meeting time
for ATA Working Group during the X3T10 plenary week.  The group
settled on two approaches:  keep the meeting where it is or move
it to  Thursday AM for ATA and Friday for SFF.

10.  Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:00 pm.

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