FC-AL Implementors Ad Hoc Meeting

Kurt Chan kc at core.rose.hp.com
Thu Jan 20 22:24:20 PST 1994

From:  Kurt Chan
To:    FC Reflector
       SCSI Reflector
Subj:  FC-AL Implementors Ad Hoc Meeting
Date:  20 Jan 94

On Thursday, 2/17 from 1pm-5pm HP will be hosting a meeting for FC-AL
implementors and interested parties at the Red Lion in Austin.

The purpose of this meeting is:

- To share HP's current thinking on characteristics of first
  generation FC-AL native attach disks

- To solicit input from other implementors on these ideas

In March, I'm planning to submit a profile proposal to FCSI for FC-AL
disks.  Rather than devise a profile privately and release it to
unwitting implementors for comment after the fact, I want to make sure
we've taken into consideration the inputs of other implementors early
in the development process.  The goal is to maximize the probability
of interoperation of first products with minimum impact to current
development efforts.

This meeting is sponsored solely by HP and is not associated with ANSI
or FCSI.  Anyone is invited to attend.  I only have about an hours worth
of prepared material to share, but I'm anticipating a lot of discussion
since some of our ideas might be considered rather "subversive" to
traditional FC-PH thinking...

Also please note that this is not a negotiation session, but will
primarily be for the purposes of information exchange.  Therefore, I
will avoid trying to resolve any issues that arise, choosing instead
to understand them and record them for later consideration.


Kurt Chan
kc at core.rose.hp.com

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