The World of ATA connectors...

Steve Finch ncrgw1!!uunet!!TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at ncrhub1.NCR.COM
Tue Jan 18 08:19:27 PST 1994

There has been many objections to having specific manufacturer's part 
numbers in the proposed ATA standards.  There are two approaches to solve 
this:  find the connectors defined in other documents and reference them, 
or create the necessary information in the ATA document.  Personally (as 
editor) I like the first approach, but I don't know where to find such 
references.  Thus the reason for this message:


Can we find references in EIA, IEEE, ANSI, ISO or other standards for any 
of the following connectors (or their equivalent)?

AMP      1-480424-0              4 pin power connector (plus pins...)
MOLEX    5484  39-27-0032        3 pin power connector
AMP      61664-1 and 62137-2     Ground connector
3M       3417-7000 (and mate)    40 pin connector
Dupont   86451 and 86455         50 (44) 2 mm connector
??       PCMCIA connector        68 pin connector

All of these are referenced in the proposed ATA standards either by part 
number or reference to PCMCIA.  

1)  Can you find a standard that contains any of these?
2)  Are you willing to provide or help provide the necessary drawings and 
dimensions for the same?

As an IC vendor, I really didn't want to send this message as I'll never 
need them, but it will benefit the standards to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance....

Steve Finch, SSI
(Please respond to the SCSI reflector.  Thanks)

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