Dan Pinvidic's ATA and memory refresh message

Steve Finch TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at vax2t.tus.ssi1.com
Tue Jan 18 08:19:42 PST 1994

The ATA interface doesn't know what refreshes are and should never care!

If a host is doing DMA and needs to momentarily stop what it is doing to
perform a refresh, there is nothing in the ATA interface standards that
prevents him from doing so...

Since ATA can be used in a wide variety of implementations, not just PCs
and not just machines which require refreshes, and since the DMA protocol
does not prevent these systems from solving their refresh issues, I don't
see that this area is of concern to the ATA interface.

The original PC's which implemented DMA did so using a DMA controller which
also performed the refresh function.  The refresh DMA channel had a higher
proirity than any of the data transfer channels, so it would stop the other
transfers, do the refresh, and then continue the transfer.  I expect that
current systems would do similar things.

I really don't think this is an ATA interface issue...

Please send comments to the ATA reflector.  Thanks.

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