Documents for X3T10 Mailing SY-94-01

Larry=Lamers%ENG7%MCA at Larry=Lamers%ENG7%MCA at
Sat Jan 15 11:25:27 PST 1994

Gentlemen -

The deadline for documents to be included in the SY-94-01 Mailing for X3T10 is 
Friday - January 21, 1994.  All documents must have a document number assigned 
to them.  Documents without numbers are not included in the mailing!  The 
easiest way to get a document number is to send a email to me 
(larry_lamers at with a subject line that states "Document Number 
Request".  The subject line is important as I recieve a lot of email each day 
and document number requests get priority handling.

After you get a document compliance with the document prepartion procedure is 
mandatory.  That is you need to send me a single-sided orignal with the 
document number in the upper right hand corner of each page and the page 
number in the lower right hand corner.  Facsimiles and dot matrix printed 
output does not meet the retention requirements.

The best address to use for sending documents is to send them to

Larry Lamers
4611 Park Norton Place
San Jose, CA  95136-2523
TEL:  408-226-0343

If you send documents using FedEx or one of the other such services please 
sign the release statement so that they can leave the documents on the porch 
if for some reason Grandma is not at home.

If you send documents via the U.S. MAIL - well good luck - but please mark the 
envelope "X3T10 Document".  I also get a lot of junk mail and if I do not 
recognize the envelope it gets recycled without being opened.  

Also, please not that in the following signature my work telephone and work 
facsimile number have changed as well as my address.

Lawrence J. Lamers 
Maxtor Corporation              Telephone: 408-432-4510
251 River Oaks Parkway          Facsimile: 408-432-4776
San Jose, CA   95134-1983       Email: larry_lamers at

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