Placing the Processor Device Commands in SPC

Ralph Weber -- VMS -- ZKO3-4/U14 weber at
Thu Jan 13 22:34:37 PST 1994


To:       Membership of X3T10

From:     Ralph O. Weber
          Digital Equipment Corporation

Date:     January 13, 1994

Subject:  Placing the Processor Device Commands in SPC

Document X3T9.2/92-006r1 describes placing some of the Medium
Changer Commands in the SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) document. 
The justification for this placement is the benefits of having
limited medium changer capabilities in all device types.  By
similar logic, X3T10 should move the Processor Device Commands
|from the SCSI-3 Stream Commands (SSC) to the SPC.

According to the SCSI-3 Architecture Model, any SCSI device may
support AEN.  At least the SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (and
possibly others) require the SEND command for AEN support. 
Therefore, the SEND command, which is a Processor Device Command,
should be in the SPC.

SEND and RECEIVE are the only unique commands in the Processor
Device Commands.  So, based on the precedent of X3T9.2/92-006r1,
I propose that the Processor Device Commands be moved from SSC
to SPC.

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